If only learning to List-build was like choosing between the blue pill or the red one!

by Louise Crooks

Did you know the #1 reason coaches and practitioners struggle to get clients, is because their marketing and visibility methods aren’t working?  They’re not attracting clients, or able to find them.

It’s possible that there is a vital ingredient missing, that creates the foundation from which all marketing and visibility stems from.  And you just might not have cottoned onto it yet.  Or if you have you’re only part of the way there.

It’s ok.  We didn’t have marketing and business growth modules downloaded into our brains, like Neo could have had in the Matrix.  It would be nice, wouldn’t it?!  😉


So the reality is that as a coach or practitioner it’s part of our journey to learn how to attract our clients into our community, how to nurture them and convert them into paying clients. You’ve spent time learning how to be a great coach, or a great nutritionist, massage therapist or whatever that special modality is that you’ve chosen to master. It’s now time to apply the same focus to get it out into the world – through your marketing.

One of the ways to get your marketing going, is to start list-building.  That means building a strong, intimate ‘inner community’, you can consistently nurture over a period of time, who is waiting to receive your expertise and your invitations.  Wouldn’t you just love that!?

You can’t share your expertise with someone who isn’t there, right?…  😉

There are a few things you need to have in place to get going with your list-building.

On my BRAND NEW UPCOMING CALL on Tuesday:  Authentic List-building Secrets  Revealed

I’ll be revealing  that #1 ingredient you need to help you start your list-building, and that creates the basis for all your marketing and visibility strategies.

I’ll also share what you need to have in place so building this community (your email list) is done with ease   –  what type of systems you need to have place so it works,  different methods to build your list, how to encourage folks you’ve connected with on Social Media and other venues to join your list, what NOT to do, and lots more!!

Join me for what could be a pivotal turning point for you in your coaching business growth on this special call.

I can’t wait to share some of the strategies that worked for me and has allowed me to 10 000 potential clients to my list in a year,  in an AUTHENTIC way.

Remember we all have to start from somewhere.    Whether you’re at 0, or 100,  or 1000 on your email list,  you’ll get some GEMS from this call.

Ready for more clients?   This is your path to a full practice and moving towards your vision of making a difference and living abundantly!

I hope to ‘see’ you on the call.

To your shining success,

Louise x

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