Less is More in the Scheme of Visibility

by Louise Crooks

You know me, I’m all about you becoming visible so you can reach and help more people. A given- yes!?

What I’ve noticed though, including in myself, is that many people out there are getting burnt-out as a result of working too hard.  It’s one thing to be doing as much as you can to be seen and become known but overdoing it can lead you to exhaustion and can sometimes also ironically turn people off – depending on what you’re doing.

Often coming from a state of fear that what we’re doing isn’t enough or being in financial dire straits, we end up employing the scattergun approach, the shiny bright bauble syndrome and a brain that can’t turn off.   Can you relate to this, or know someone who fits this description?







My issue is taking something on and forgetting how big a task it will be.  So I’m definitely guilty too. I’m a generator by nature and so it’s easy to be caught up in this cycle.

I challenge you is to simplify your life next year.  Get very specific about the goals you’re going for and be selective and consistent about how you’re going to get there.   Make space for other things in your life that are important to you.

And when you approach visibility and marketing from doing a couple of things really well and consistently, that’s when you start to see results.  Doing everything under the sun is impossible and really  creates another reality – the one we don’t want.

Less is more… really!

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