Let’s talk about Spirituality, Life Purpose and dealing with Societal Beliefs that hold us back!

by Louise Crooks



Tomorrow night at 7pm I will have a very interesting guest, Greg Mooers. The title of this post says it all, but needless to say its going to be fascinating have a conversation with Greg because of all the amazing things he’s done, his spiritual path, and the wonderful book he wrote called Learn Your Heart Virtue To Be Who We Are, which explains the path to finding your purpose in life. Greg spent time researching the Heart Virtue of people like Mother Theresa and Martin Luther King. We’ll get an opportunity to explore his experiences. We’ll also discuss a part of his book I found really interesting which discusses how our tribe or society has a comfort level of where we fit in society, and when we stretch out of that there is the propensity to be pulled back down. We’ll shine a light on this phenomenon and methods to use to keep us moving forward on our journey! Don’t forget to set the reminder on the profile page or schedule it into your day planner! You won’t want to miss this one!


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To find out more about Greg, go to www.lifecamp.com or www.heartvirtue.com

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