Letting Go ~ The Key to… Everything!

by Louise Crooks

I learnt this big lesson a few years ago through one of the most difficult experiences any human can endure – that experience was my journey of infertility. When you want something, in this case a baby, so badly without having control over it, the angst that causes can be huge. And the effect it has on the outcome and on your body is not always positive. This experience was a real journey, and one I would not wish on anyone, but what I will share, is that I am a better person for it, and I ‘birthed’ many amazing things in life and in business because of it. It was truly a gift, even though I never walked away from it with the intended outcome.

The lesson was all about ‘Letting Go’. Subsequently through my expansion, I realised that this message is scattered through many spiritual teachings and is one of the main tenets to creating what you desire in life. Once you ‘let go’ of what you are desperate to accomplish or achieve, it unblocks the constriction or flow of energy around that very thing you wanted in the first place. Once the energy opens up and becomes more positive, the amount of possibilities available to you, start flowing towards you. You’ll see opportunities available when you never thought they were there. And the truth is they are always there, and they were always there. When we focus too much on one thing, its at the exclusion of everything else and so we can’t SEE anything else!

My mastermind group was an interesting one today, as we all seemed to be mirroring this concept. Synchronicities! 😉  What is clear to me through my experience and those of my mastermind group, as well as many of my clients, is that when we create space in our business, to take care of ourselves, nurture ourselves, and let go of any attachment to what we desire, the rewards are rich indeed!  And we don’t have to work like slaves to get there.

So my request of you, is to notice.  Yes, NOTICE!  Notice if you are holding onto an idea so tightly, or an outcome so tightly that it feels really uncomfortable, that its actually not happening.  You’re trying to figure something out so hard, and the answer is not appearing.  You’re working so hard, day and night, and you’re not getting the results you want.  Or your feeling overwhelmed or stuck. Notice if any of this resonates with you….  Just in the recognising and having the awareness of our actions or our attitude, we can immediately make a positive change.

My challenge to you is to ‘let go’, give yourself or the idea some space, go take a walk or a couple of days off even. Whew, some of you are perhaps balking at that one!? Trust that by taking time out, exactly what you desired will start to move and happen in ways you wouldn’t expect. And when you take that time out, set a clear and powerful intention about what it is you desire, and then let it go. Solutions will come from nowhere. Your energy and demeanour will change and attract the help, the people or the resources you need. You will ultimately create what you desire, by doing less! By letting go.

Coach Louise

PS Let me know about your experience in ‘letting go’ or a challenge you may have in this area!

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