Visibility: A Cool Tool to Organize and Leverage Time in Your Biz

by Louise Crooks

A Cool Tool to Organize and Leverage Time in Your Business

I like to make things as easy as possible in my business. In fact if they are not easy or I don’t have the knowledge required and it’s a huge effort to get it done and could become a roadblock, then I’ll get an expert or my VA to do it for me.

Anything like that happening for you in your business right now?

As it’s that week before we all jump back into our business with a different attitude, commitment or mindset, I wanted to share a couple of simple tools that might help you make your life a lot easier.

And I’m not just about easy, I’m also about inexpensive.  As business owners starting out, the last thing you want to do, is spend money unnecessarily in your business. Kapish?

We want to do things as simply as possible with as little time involved as possible.  So we can get on with the more important things or the things that make us joyful in our businesses.   What’s also important is that as we work to become visible and build our community, that we systemize some of the marketing we’re doing.

If you’re posting on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or your Blog, there are ways to do it, so you don’t have to be there that very minute to post.    Woohoo! Fanfare!

So what I’m saying is, is that you can preschedule your tweets, FB posts etc ahead of time.  Imagine just taking a couple of hours a week, to get that weeks marketing lined up to go out, and not needing to spend hours and hours at different times of the day or week doing it?

Here are 3 tools that do just that:  Socialoomph, and HootSuite do all Social Media, and Tweetdeck just manages Twitter.



All three do the same thing, so you choose the one that’s a fit for you.  I use the first one.  I don’t necessarily have a preference,  that was just the first one I discovered.

Here is a caveat.  Social Media is also a place to build relationships so don’t overuse this tool.  You do want to have a presence on the chosen social media platform you’re building a community on – so that you’re interacting and having a 2 way conversation.     It is great however when you’re doing program and teleclass launches, or when you want to send out quotes of inspiration daily or send out invitations consistently to your site or an opt-in gift as well as giving some value at the same time.

I hope found this useful!  Many of you are probably using one which is awesome, but if not, this is a fabulous way to use your time more effectively as well as not get dragged into the big black hole social media can be. J  (and don’t get me wrong, I love FB and Twitter, but sometimes too much!  Lol)

If you’re just tired of trying to figure it all out on your own and would like to make sure all the foundational pieces of your business support you in doing what you love to do best– I invite you to do my Take the Temperature of Your Business Assessment  for FREE. This is normally a paid service,  AND it includes a Business Breakthrough Strategy Session with me, to see how you can move forward powerfully. 

Just answer a few questions first, to see if this is a good fit as I only have room for 15 of these coveted spots…  I look forward to hearing from you and finding out what’s working for you and what’s holding you back so you can shift into different gears as you approach the remainder of 2012!

I would love to hear your comments and insights below! :)

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