Limiting Beliefs ~ Are they our Arch Enemy?

by Louise Crooks

If you’ve been reading this blog lately you’ll see I’ve been writing about this subject a lot!!!  Its such an underlying foundation to everything we do or don’t do – and most of the time we’re so unconscious of how beliefs are getting in the way of what we’re going for in life!  We’re literally creating an opposing energy counteracting all the good energy we’ve been consciously creating.  So the key is to shine the light on these beliefs that are running us, so we can do something about them.

I’m so inspired to talk about this on my show this week.  And here’s why…

What tipped the scale was a comment one of my followers made in an email to me.  Before that she sent this email, she had mentioned that nothing free ever shows up for people like her who can’t afford to invest in growing her business.  Phew, see the beliefs in there already!?…

  • Nothing free ever shows up (well we know that’s not true as we’re constantly being offered free teleclasses, e-books and reports)
  • People like her who can’t afford to invest … (there is a belief that will constantly show up to be true, so it will prevent her from attracting money towards her)
  • That she needs money to grow her business (again not true – there are so many resources available. Of course at some point we DO want to invest, but it doesn’t have to stop us growing with other free or low cost resources)

So those were just some that showed up in the initial interaction.

Then the following email was about a prize I offered on my show – a full scholarship to the upcoming Visibility Mastery program. One of the caveats on my show for participating in this special draw, was that the participant had to be willing to doing the work in this program and show up fully committed.  That’s all.   In response to the opportunity the same dear individual, sent me an email, saying the opportunity was wonderful, but she didn’t know that she could.  Here are more beliefs that showed up:

  • That her illness might get in her way.  (sure, this is a possibility – and what you focus on expands, and it might not! do the best you can)
  • She won’t be able to grow her visibility because she won’t have money to buy the tools to create visibility (whew – again the money belief there, and the belief that you need money to become visible!)
  • She also said ‘I don’t want to take the place of someone else’  – so a belief about not being worthy enough…

So ultimately with these beliefs and unsupportive thought supporting these beliefs she shut herself off from being open to the wonderful opportunity that come her way, and ultimately lost the opportunity because of it.

See that!  If we don’t believe in ourselves, how can we expect others to?

One thing she was clear on and so was I, was that she wasn’t committed to her own growth as well as that of her business.  Not that she was consciously aware of this.  I know she is committed to her vision, and her passion – but her beliefs were running her.  See that?

So I am passionate about supporting you and myself and everyone out there doing great work helping others to really look hard and deep, because ultimately you’re probably getting in the way of going for your vision, living your passion and doing great work!  We all do, all the time! The question is ‘are we willing to keep doing the work?’

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And if you have any comments on this post, I would love to hear them. Its always to so great to get your insights and feedback.

Louise x

PS  Let’s choose to love our limiting beliefs – they’re a gift to keep tuning into what’s most important to us, to keep us growing and awakening.  And their also our little sentries, trying to protect us.  Have compassion and love for them and for you.  Love leads to releasing. :)

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