List-building Mistakes! Learn from those who’ve made them.

by Louise Crooks

You may have noticed that recently I’ve been talking an awful lot about list-building!  With your visibility strategies, and list-building techniques, you’re going to attract ideal clients to you, and fill up your practice and programs!  Without building your email list and becoming visible, you’re limiting yourself to building your business one by one through your local community, and missing the opportunity to reach more people, and make more of a difference.

Today I’m going to share some list-building and visibility strategy mistakes with you, so you can avoid them!

  • Not getting started.  Huge mistake. How will you reach a bigger audience and have an abundant practice if you’re not actually doing it.   It might be through fear, or lack of knowledge, but there are ways to move through those, and I encourage you to just do that.  You and the folks you serve will suffer as a result of not taking steps forward.  (as well as the world at large!)


  • Taking on too many strategies!   That’s definitely the road to burn out.  AND not actually having the marketing you’re doing work well for you.  It’s that 80/20 rule.  If you spread yourself to thinly, you’ll get diluted and poor results.  Imagine what’s possible when you choose 3, rather than 15.  Feels a bit like a relief I bet! 😉


  • Biting off more than you can chew!  When we’re starting out, sometimes we can think too far ahead when it comes to our technology or strategies we’re using.  This means we get stuck trying to implement it.  I’m the perfect example! When I started out, I took on an email management system that I wasn’t ready for. It wasn’t user friendly and I wasn’t willing to learn how to use it because it was complicated. I needed someone on my team to do it for me. I wasn’t ready to take on a team at that point!  So I sat with that system, of course continually intending to get started, and nothing happened.  For a whole year.  Wasted money, time, and list-building!  None of the email addresses I collected over that year were entered into my system, even though I was great at creating visibility and getting those names!  HUGE!!


  • Not having all the pieces in place to make visibility and list-building strategies work cohesively together.  Just like the mistake I shared above, having that fundamental piece missing created a bottle neck in my list-building and cost me in a big way.  I share about 5 fundemental steps to have in place in a recent call I did, as well as the Cohesive Marketing Principle which pulls it altogether for you.  Video/Recording here.


  • Serving a large undefined audience.  If you’re not clear on your niche, all the activities you do to become visible and list-build don’t have the desired impact.  If your audience is clear that you mean to be speaking directly to them, if they know that you know them intimately and that you understand their challenges and what they want, you efforts will much more effective. And you’ll help more people and create more income!  Counter-intuitive sometimes I know. J


  • Not utilizing the strategies you choose well, or not choosing the ones that work best for you, AS WELL as your client.   EG: A coach coaching moms with health issues, is more likely to have success on Facebook, than LinkedIn.  A coach coaching corporate execs, is more likely to have success on LinkedIn, than Facebook.    Knowing how to use these strategies effectively is key. Knowing whether they are the right ones for you, is also really important, as you want to feel inspired and excited to be working on them.  The good news is that the Visibility Mastery is starting again soon, and we’ll be diving deeply into this!


  • Not knowing how to effectively communicate with your ideal clients.  Being clear on your messaging is really important if you’re going to get the attention of those you want to serve.  This means your topics, your copy on your website and your email and posts etc need to be connecting in the right way.  Again we’ll be covering a lot of this in the upcoming Visibility Mastery program.


There are many more mistakes folks make on this journey, but when you learn from those who have been there and done that, it makes that journey so much more easy!  You’ll start getting the results you’re going for much more quickly and less painlessly! 😉  I just love teaching and coaching on this topic to support you in having a much larger reach, becoming known and earning credibility, and filling your practice.  Check out Visibility Mastery to see if is a great fit for you.

And in the meanwhile, start implementing any gems that you’ve taken away from this post.

I’d love to know your thoughts and comments, or even questions, so go ahead and comment below.

Louise x

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