A Valentine’s Wish – Love Yourself FIRST

by Louise Crooks

I was so inspired yesterday when I was interviewing my friend Chellie Campbell on KeystoClarity Radio about her new book:  From Worry to Wealthy: A Woman’s Guide to Financial Success without the Stress  ,I had to share this with you especially being Valentine’s Day.  (link to episode)

We were discussing a quote from her which says: Charisma comes from liking yourself, not being yourself.     (…And charisma ATTRACTS your clients to you.)

We started talking about loving yourself, and how being loving to yourself allows you to feel more positive, and to tap into possibilities, NOT Fear.  And of course being in that space makes you more charismatic and ATTRACTIVE .

I took it a step further in our conversation –  that it’s not about not being yourself.  It’s totally about being yourself –BUT being your AUTHENTIC self.   And to be your authentic self, you have to get to know and love yourself FIRST!  There is quite a bit of work that goes into that, but it’s totally worth it.

Chellie was referring to the ‘not being yourself’ as in you don’t need to play those roles of being someone you’re not.

You really don’t have to.

In fact I’ve seen first hand through my dearest husbby Clive, how  when someone embraces their true self, even in the corporate environment, that they CAN attract clients to them.  In fact it’s what makes him ATTRACTIVE.  There is an immediate trust that comes with it.  People buy from someone who is trustworthy.  If you’re saying or being something that you’re not, the vibe is off, and chances are you’ve lost that opportunity.

So LOVING yourself, is KEY to getting clients and sales!   How about them apples?!!

Chellie shared that one of her coaches in a workshop got them all to write a LOVE LETTER to themselves, and she broke down as she tried to write loving words to herself.  So beautiful that she shared that.  And that everyone in that room had red-rimmed eyes through that exercise.

The truth is that we often find it tough to be loving to ourselves.  (hark the critical little inner voice!)

It’s easy to be loving to others.  It’s easy to look for love outside of ourselves.  BUT if we don’t love ourselves, we’re constantly trying to be, say and do things that please others.

I’ve had enough of that, as I’m sure you have too.

And being as it’s Valentine’s Day….


This is my Valentine’s wish for you.

Take 30 mins to yourself today, and write a Love Letter to yourself.  Be your OWN Valentine today.   It might feel difficult or awkward, but stick with it.  If it feels that way, it’s a sign that this is something that really needs your attention!!

I’ll be doing the same.

And if you feel the courage to send your letter to me, I’m going to pick the one that touches my heart the most, and with your permission – as a highlight, share your inner love with the KeystoClarity community in our Spotlight for the Soul-opreneur Newsletter this week.

And of course I always love to hear how this resonated for you, or any thoughts that came up for you!

Either email your to share thoughts, or your letter with me on info@keystoclarity.com ,  or comment below.

Have a wonderful loving and joy-filled Valentines day whether it’s you on your own, or with a loved one.

Much love,

Louise x

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