Your Map to Success ~ Keeping Flow and Momentum Going

by Louise Crooks

It’s fabulous in the beginning of the year when we find strong resolve which manifests with a strong start, you get on with things, and started seeing great stuff happen?

And then all of a sudden the wheels came off, and now you’re experiencing some stuckness and lack of clarity about what to do next. Is that what’s happening to you? (and this can happen, of course at other times during the year too!)

So did you feel like you were going strong, you might even have seen some great results with a particular goal or project you were working on already in a short space of time… and then all of a sudden you’re feeling a little lost, or stuck, or not sure what comes next!? It’s happened, it’s happening already and it’s not just happening to you!  I know because I’m hearing it from my clients and community. : -)

Question: Have you created a map for your business for this year? Have you gotten clear on the strategies you’re using to create visibility, with an end goal in mind?

EXAMPLE: You’re wanting to do a live 1 day workshop in November. Ask yourself what strategies you’ll be using to fill it. You might do a series of teleseminars AND / OR small talks to networking groups.

Plan out what you’re doing over the course of the year, with each of these 2 strategies.

Let’s take teleseminars…

You plan to do a teleseminar each month. Decide your theme for your workshop, and then decide on the topics for each teleseminar. Map this out.

Ask yourself:

  • What you would like to offer with each teleseminar – maybe a free download which can help you fill those teleseminars who could help you fill your teleclass –
  • Who could help you fill your class – so consider potential JV partners or natural referral partners in a strategic way.
  • How your ezine / articles / blog posts could support filling these teleseminars.

Design your teleseminar. Create space in your schedule to do it. Decide on the tools you need to carry it out the teleseminar – how you’re record it etc.

So do you see, you’re starting with the end in mind?

begin with the end in mind


Breaking down the idea into smaller working parts will help you get there. Even a loose structure, will provide the map to getting to where you want to go. It will allow you to know what step comes next, when you’ve completed the previous one. If you don’t have this plan in mind, or the goals you want to go for, the work you end up doing, is hap-hazard, and unfocused.

I’d love to hear what you’re up to, and how it’s going for you in the comments below!  I promise I’ll share my thoughts and answer your questions!

I’m so passionate about your being successful. It’s the ripple effect, so that you’re able to make that big difference in the world! And of course I want to support you in doing it with ease, not struggle.

I was going to say ‘go out and multiply’! 😉 But let’s say, ‘go out and be purposeful’.

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