Marketing is great, but are Energy Blocks getting in your Way?

by Louise Crooks

Imagine that.  You’re doing amazing things attracting new people into your community through all the different marketing and visibility methods you’re doing so brilliantly… and yet there are other things happening in your life, that cancel out the energy you’re creating to attract potential clients to you.

Wow.  Just take that in for a moment.

Yes it’s true.  A cancellation of energy.  On one hand you’re telling the universe what you want, and its working to provide that for you, and then on the other hand you’re telling it something different and it creates a massive energy block.

A colleague of mine shared a story today, that I knew I had to share with you…
(She runs a holistic center offering massage and other services)

‘This is the first year my business will not only NOT have an average of 20% growth over the year before, but will in fact be LESS than the year before.

Recently, a new staff who is almost hilariously dedicated to my business pulled me aside to tell me that the environment when myself or my partner are not at the business has been toxic – there has been gossiping (something I was aware of but hadn’t done anything about). In 5.5 years, I have never had an issue like this. I talked to the staff – was a wonderful talk – and I also apologized to my staff. Their energy was a reflection of mine. We had a very productive discussion, and I have been looking at my attitude to the business lately.

Results: since that time, our business has increased over 50%! It has only been a week, but it has been fascinating.
Isn’t that amazing?

A real shift in the flow of energy!

You might have heard the story of the woman wanting to move and sell her house, and yet she couldn’t sell the house, even though it looked gorgeous and had great feedback.  One of her friends went around the house, and found one room at the back piled high with boxes and paperwork.  And she could feel the stuck energy in that room.  She helped her friend clear the room out completely.   And the next week, her house sold!
Same kind of thing.

I’m guilty of this…
My office has been dumping ground for the last 6 months, and as I clear it with the intention of moving back in, and out of the dining room I’ve been working from, I can literally feel the energy shifting.  I’m sure it’s been affecting my business – we’ll see very soon!

I also recognize that one of the people in my support team isn’t enthusiastic and engaged in the work she is doing for me.  Is her energy affecting my ability to make an income?  Could be!

Where do you see energy blocks or cancellations happening in your business and life?  I’m all for your working hard to create visibility and put your message out there, but if your efforts are being cancelled out by things we can shift easily and quickly, it’s time to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

What have you discovered that’s creating energy blocks for you?  Share your thoughts, comments and awareness below!
I’d be fascinated to hear what you or perhaps someone close to has been experiencing.

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