Is your marketing just not working?

by Louise Crooks

It’s been a while since I wrote to you, so I’m promising to make this one a dazzling duzi!

Whether you’re a marketing genius (if you’re lucky), or you just don’t know what to do or where to start – it matters for naught if what you’re doing doesn’t convert to clients.

I realized this quite early on in my business – when I was doing lots of great things to become visible like running my radio show (almost 9 years now), joint venturing with big names, and building my email list – but the next piece was missing… getting those leads to the enrollment conversation. I really spun my wheels for a while back then, feeling frustrated, and even a failure, thinking I was doing it wrong.

And this is also where the confusion lies.

Because marketing is about visibility, building credibility, attracting and finding clients (your leads) and creating relationship, but it’s not the ‘selling’ piece (your lead conversion). Sometimes we mix up the terminology and lump it all into one – that being marketing.

So how are you really doing with your marketing?

And how are you doing with converting those leads into real clients? (This is the real question we’re asking, isn’t it?)

This is the place I was having difficulty with, and when I realized it, the lights came on!!! (you don’t know what you don’t know, right!?) So, I’ve been there.

bridgeIt’s the bridge between the two.

Connecting the dots from the marketing to the enrollment conversation. And it’s often where folks drop the ball, or just haven’t figured it out yet.


Let me know if that’s you. (Just hit reply, and share your particular challenge, and I promise I’ll personally answer).

I’ll use an example so you’re clear on what I mean.

I’ve had two colleagues / clients (a business coach and an executive coach) come to me to ask me what they are doing wrong with their marketing. Both of them were doing a great job creating visibility on LinkedIn.

They were connecting with their ideal clients, they were writing fantastic published posts, and getting lots of feedback, BUT those people were just not shifting either onto their email list, OR into enrollment conversations.

Here were a couple of reasons why this wasn’t happening for them.

First of all, I just want to say, that they were doing a great job with their marketing – they just needed to tweak the Bridge – the conversion steps.

Ok, so here goes…

ONE – it’s about engaging with the person you’re connecting with whether it’s on LinkedIn or any platform – having a conversation, getting curious, and NOT selling to them the moment you make contact.

TWO – it’s about interaction. Comment on their comments, send them private messages if they’ve made a statement that you can speak to, offer them value through a freebie to solve that issue if they mentioned it in the comment. Treat it like you would a real conversation in the real world. And again – DON’T ‘sell’ from the very outset. (The only exception is when someone had a dire and clear need that they want to solve right then and there, and are directly asking to be supported)

Isn’t that a relief!!? Yes, you don’t have go into ‘sell’ mode, which most of us think we need to do, which is why so many of us feel allergic to this process! No wonder!

Once you’ve started a meaningful conversation – you’ll either want to do two things. Suggest having a call with them to get to know them better /discuss the challenges they are dealing with OR get them onto your email list – where you can court them and continue to build a relationship with them.

Was this helpful?

I’d love to hear your thoughts. You can click here to share your comments or questions.

P.S. There are a few other steps with the bridge I mentioned that is included in marketing that helps conversion, but that will keep for another day.

P.P.S. If you’re finding it difficult to get a handle on your visibility and marketing or on the conversion side of things, and you’d like a Visibility Breakthrough Consultation with me, to see where your challenges may lie, and what your next steps should be – we’ll formulate a plan together. I’d be delighted to talk to you. (just a note that this is complimentary chat with me, so no pressure) Click the link above to schedule it now.

It’s the perfect time to figure this out, as you move ahead into this last part of the year – your final hurrah so to speak – and get this stuff nailed! 😉 I’ll only be able to talk to 10 people in the next couple of weeks as my calendar is hotting up right now, so don’t wait – go ahead and schedule straight away.

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