Multiple Personality Disorder in my Business! Lots of Modalities so Who am I?

by Louise Crooks

It’s becoming increasingly more prevalent with so many like you and I, being on a healing and self-discovery journey, where we’re acquiring not just one skill but multiple skills that we want to use to support our clients with.   The thing is… what are we?  What do we call ourselves?  How do we describe what we do to our clients?   How do our clients understand what we can do for them?  And how do we package it up in a business that makes sense?

If you look at my background when I started my journey of self-discovery and awakening, that I have acquired a few tools along the way.  As a business coach, not only can I support my clients in their healing and coaching businesses with setting up the foundational elements of marketing but because of my own self discovery and love for conscious work, I’m helping to do it a congruent and conscious way. (no cookie cutter templates here!)  I don’t believe we can create happy whole lives living in integrity, if we’re not creating a business that we’re not completely aligned with.

And because I’m a big supporter of an organization called The Journey which aids inner and out healing through their processes, I’m able to incorporate some of that work into my own already, particularly around beliefs and vows that folks have made that keep them stuck.  In fact I plan to become a Journey Practitioner this year so I can bring more of this kind of work into my own as a business coach, as it really compliments the challenging journey of building a heart-centered business.   :-)

Not only that, I am able to do Tree Readings! (yes I bet you didn’t know that!? LOL)   And when you draw me a tree, I see in that moment in time, your outlook on life, what’s holding you back, what still needs healing, and the challenges you’re facing at the moment.  It really opens a door into your world really quickly.  Can you see how this all compliments one another really well?  And how you bring all of YOU to your business?  One can get in the way of the other, so I aim to cover ALL bases.

There are so many folks out there, and possibly you too, where you’ve studied one modality – and then added another and another and another…

It gets to be a quite confusing when you don’t know how to present yourself to the world.

There are so many and possibly you too -where you’ve studied one modality – and then added another and another and another…  I’ll give you an example of someone I know who has this exact list of acquired modalities:  Personal training, Journey work, Homeopathy, Access Consciousness, Tarot and there’s probably more.

So the question is how to combine it all to work for you and your clients, so you can actually get clients and do what you love!!!!?  How do you present yourself and package your business so it makes sense???

I often come across clients who are coaches who have dipped into some other modality.    Maybe someone who is a coach, hypnotherapist and EFT practitioner.    It can be difficult presenting yourself when it’s like this.   Have you found that to be the case?   It’s almost like having multiple personality disorder – ‘who am I going to be today’? 😉

Here are few questions to ask yourself that will resolve this confusion for you and your clients.

1) Which modality do I favor and have the most credibility in?  (start with that as the anchor to your business)

2) Decide what problem you actually solve for your clients and lead with that – rather than describe ‘how’ you do it.  In other words what challenge do you provide the solution for?    Again create an anchor challenge that you lead in with.

Here’s the key.  The majority of the time your clients are coming to you because you know how to help them with X.   Not X,Y and Z.    They want to know that you’re the go to gal (or guy) helping with that specific issue.

I’ll use my chiropractor as an example.   His primary modality is being a chiropractor.   Then he learns a specialty called Atlas Advance Orthagonal which is specifically geared towards helping people resolve migraines and headache issues.   He also learned complimentary techniques with laser to aid the healing process.   In this situation he could also apply a mind-based element to the process, which might be EFT or hypnotherapy.  This would take care of the mindset of a patient who has been in chronic pain for years and years, actually adjust to the reality of being healed through their beliefs and outlook.    But the focus of his business, and the work that he does is CLEAR!!!

I found him on the internet – specifically because I wanted to work with someone who was very familiar with the Atlas technique, but someone who really knew his stuff and worked specifically with migraines.  There are so many chiropractors out there who ALL work with 20 + issues… so who do you choose…?

Hopefully this has given you some food for thought.   I’d love to hear about what you do, and what you see as the anchor for your business that helps you present yourself to the world in a cohesive way by commenting below.

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