Are there Ugly, Mindset Monsters Hiding under your Desk?

by Louise Crooks

Wow, it’s time to really see what’s hiding under your desk, and see if those ‘monsters’ are stopping you from getting ahead!


One of my clients (an integrative doctor) who has been doing The Business Springboard program with me recently, revealed how this program had helped her conquer one of her big fears – of stepping into the spotlight and speaking to a large audience of people. That the interviews we had been doing, and the guidance she had been getting had broken the ‘seal’, and now had given her the confidence to do many more! I was flabbergasted. Not once had this mindset monster come up in our coaching together. If this ‘monster’ had shown is ugly head, we could have dealt with it a lot sooner!! He was hiding wayyyy back in the corner under her desk, and hadn’t revealed itself until now. Of course it’s important to celebrate her breakthrough! And it was a huge reminder to me that all my clients – did you notice, I said ALL my clients, have stuff that comes up that stops them from moving forward! Those monsters lurking under each of their desks!

There are quite a few monsters lurking that we are often unaware of, and sometimes we are very aware of, but don’t realise how much they are sucking our energy up and getting in the way of the results we’re wanting to create!

Here’s another… one of my clients was happily working hard, in getting more education in her modality (coaching in this instance), and getting herself ‘organized’ and on the other hand freaking out that income wasn’t coming into her business because she wasn’t getting the clients. The monster hiding under her desk, was the fear of putting herself out there, connecting with real human beings, and dealing with the possibility of rejection whether in person, on the phone or even in social media. We gave that monster some love, and TLC and now the loving fairy godmother of Visibility is embracing all the opportunities my client has in front of her and it’s exciting to see what’s now happening for her!

Here are a few more instances where the business monster hiding under the desk is messing with your business success eye

Another client (a coach), came to me with many of the right things created in her business. She had a great foundation, a clear niche, and a fabulous can-do attitude. Give her anything and she, the work-horse, would have it done in no time flat! BUT, she was working hard, and there were two things missing aside from some tweaks we made to her signature program. There were two monsters hiding under her desk – one was the financial monster – not being a space of belief that abundance was available to her. And the other was the monster of not believing that her personal life ie: time to have fun, and self-care, were paramount to her well-being and the success in her business. As soon as she learned to love these monsters, which turned out to be more like fluffy bears, she had more time for herself, reconnected with her friends, AND is making 5 times more per month than she was when we first started working together!

The monster lurking under another client’s desk (another coach) was that didn’t have a belief in her own value – the clear benefits of what she provided her clients with, and this monster just had her paralysed. She just couldn’t move forward with anything, and a lot of the time was spending money in a hap-hazard way hoping that the programs she was buying would solve her problem for her. She was stuffing her monster with ‘magic pills’, except none of them were working. When we gave her monster the love he needed, we found out that it was really clear what her value was and how her clients could really benefit from the healing work she was doing. In fact there were a few tears of joy when we sat in the realisation of that. Now she is owning that niche, like nobody’s business! Her message is clear and outlined beautifully. And that monster upped and left a while back. He used to pop up often, but we haven’t seen hide nor hair of him for a long time.Monsters_Dance_Green

The final monster I’d like you to meet today, is the monster of Comparison! Have you met him? One, no actually three of my clients (a coach, a hypnotherapist, and a osteopath) have met him regularly. I’m many of us do, including myself, but we really want to turn this one into a cuddly pudding. My one client was telling me that she had been speaking to someone who was doing telesummits and amazing things, in the same niche she was, and she immediately went into beating herself from here to Sunday on how she should be must further ahead, and what’s wrong with her etc etc. That yucky monster was really having his way with her! Another client, was also having this Comparison monster sneak up on her when she wasn’t looking – when she kept making plans to do things in her business, that were way too soon – like having a 3 day event, when she didn’t have 3 one on one clients yet. She saw the leaders of our industry as these icons to emulate, and wanted it all now. So here’s the thing – in both instances, it became clear after giving this monster lots of love, recognising that he needed acknowledgement and to matter, that those people doing amazing things, had got there over years of experience and the path they have travelled to get there. It wasn’t an overnight experience, where one day they decided to get started, and the next day they were on stage with a thousand people sitting there watching them. No, it took years for them to get there. That monster became a cuddly bear when those clients realised their journey was unique, and there was no need to keep comparing themselves to others. In fact it was exciting to see that they could create their OWN path.

So we’ve discussed a few mindset monsters that lurk under the desk in the dark, when you’re not looking, today. Keep an eye out and see if any others pop up – there are many different species. Every soul-driven business owner, experiences these on a daily basis. Remember though, when you acknowledge that they are present, when you confront and give them love and attention, you’re sure to turn them into cuddly bears that support you on the journey of growth and success, guaranteed , or they move out never to return.

What monster has been lurking under your desk? You’ll have an inkling I’m sure.

Post a comment below and share your experiences. I’d be delighted to support you in the exposing of those monsters, who really just need a little love and attention. :)

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