Modern Elements to Creating a Flow of Clients into your Community

by Louise Crooks

Having a flow in your business now looks quite different to how it used to.
A few things have changed radically in the last 4 or 5 years, so that now…
1)    You need a website if you’re in business  (this used to be a ‘if you feel like it’ option)
2)    You need a website that is interactive  (not static like it used be…static = stagnation, it’s no longer just a brochure)
3)    You need a compelling incentive for your ideal clients to sign up on your site (newsletter no longer enough)
4)    Attracting clients to your site proactively (not just expecting them to show up, although great Search Engine Optimization helps here)
Being in flow, is not just about having clarity about, and being in alignment with, who you’re trying to attract or having the right vibration to attract them.  This is important of course.
But just as The Secret left out some crucial components ie: action,  we also need to make sure that we’re putting in place what we need to, to support that manifestation.
Goal:  Attracting ideal clients to your website and building your email list (your ‘inner’ community and pipeline of avid fans)
Building blocks:
•    An interactive website that is built on a blogging platform (like
•    A blog to post your expertise / articles / insights to attract and interact with ideal clients
•    Links on your Site to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc to continue building relationships and vice versa
•    A free opt-in gift to help visitors make the decision to follow and learn more about you.
Results:  A community of followers, prequalified to work with you, interested in the information you provide, and at some point in the future – ready to work with you.
All those building blocks are not worth their salt if you don’t have that 4th piece in place – your free opt-in gift.  You can attract, create visibility, and blog for all you’re worth but if those you attract are not taking that step to sign up on your site and join your email list (I call this your ‘inner’ community), then all the flow you’ve created…  Phhoooomph! Just dissipates into thin air.   You manifested, and then created a block.

Let’s get that bottleneck unblocked – so you have a compelling and juicy free opt-in gift to share with your visitors landing on your website, and they take the step to join your ‘inner’ community.
If you have a gift already, is it working for you? Is it juicy enough?  And if you’ve been relying on your newsletter as the reason for people to sign up… time to up-level.  And if you have nothing in place, it’s time to get it done, and with ease.
Manifestation comes not only from being in flow but also from putting in place those things that aid the results you’re going for.
On the 16th of October, join me for a free call I’m hosting called ‘Creating Your Juicy Opt-In Gift ~ The Gateway to Building Your Community and Many More Clients’.  I’ll be sharing as much valuable info as I can to help you create a compelling opt-in gift – so your perfect clients come flocking like hummingbirds to nectar.   Click here to register.
And tell us how you’re doing with manifesting an amazing community of followers below! I’d love to hear what you’re up to, and how it’s working out for you.

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