My Life COMPASS: is it time to Take Your Life Back?

by Louise Crooks
Join myself and publisher of ‘choice’ magazine coach Garry Schleifer to learn about the amazing program of My Life Compass, created to help women have access to the wonderful gifts of coaching, and an opportunity for you to make passive income at the same time. Its also an opportunity to Take Your Life Back! Curious? Come and find out more on the show on Monday at 7pm EST.
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Feel free to invite anyone you know who wants to know more too. You can access the show by clicking on the big button on the left side of the page to access the show LIVE  and you can listen to it later if you can’t make it LIVE. Live is better of course as you can ask all your burning questions!

Coach Louise

The Face Book group, KeystoClarity! Coach & Radio is hosting this event. Feel free to hop over and RSVP! :)
My Life Compass

My Life Compass

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