Natural Herbs – danger or blessing…?

by Louise Crooks

Hi Everyone,

I am back from lovely Spain, ready to get cracking into that time that always seems like a clean slate – September!

I wrote a post on my other site, which I think might be of interest to you….here is an excerpt:

I came across an interesting blog which posted on an article about the sweetner Stevia.   This has been seen by many to be a wonderful blessing – 300 times the sweetness of sugar and all natural!    Well beware!   There is a  possibility that this natural herb is actually genetically toxic, and can affect fertility…..

If you would like to read more click on the link on the left handside for the LifeBalanceinFertility! Coach blog which is listed under the Fertility heading.     This should interest anyone who wants to support others in taking natural herbs, supplements etc, or anyone who is taking Stevia or natural herbs.  

making a point,

Coach Louise Crooks

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