New actions, new results!

by Louise Crooks
Opening to possibilities!

Opening to possibilities!

Hi Everyone!

Well,  since the last couple of shows with CJ Hayden and Julie Morgenstern, I have been inspired to get things in the groove in my own business!  I am one of those who gets overwhelmed, with all the things I take on in my business and  the opportunities available to me!  Its typical of an entrepeneural personality and someone who has a creative streak to take note of the habits we can form, that get in our way to create the results we want!   Through these two wonderful episodes on KtC radio I have been able to implement some of the wonderful suggestions the guests have suggested and am feeling a sense of clarity, flow and organisation in my life that I haven’t felt in a long time.  Yes, us coaches need coaches too. Its one thing to coach someone but we often have blinkers on when it comes to our own habits.  Take note coaches!   So I have noticed, that my scheduling has improved, I am planning ahead more (big step for the impulsive entrepeneur in  me) and am decluttering my enviroment!  I have been creating systems which is creating more flow and space to allow opportunities  and projects to come to me, and to have more clarity and choice with the things I am doing.  Big change!   I really encourage you to listen to these latest show on KtC radio, if you would also like to be experiencing some of what I have!  Just click on the Blogtalkradio button on the left of the screen to listen to the recordings!

And don’t forget to give me some feed back to let me know what has transpired for you!


Coach Louise

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