New Beginnings in a New Season.

by Louise Crooks

Dear Friends,

This is an article I wrote for the most recent Holistic Magazine for NJ – Fall Edition.  I hope you enjoy it, in anticipation for the hustle and bustle of the next few months!

Creating Positive Momentum to Manifest Amazing Results through Fall 2009

Fall is also a busy time for most of us – kids going back to school; ramping our business up for an amazing year end finale; and then holidays looming!  Its also a time where some of us struggle to create a natural balance while doing all these things.

Now is the time to nurture yourself . And here is why…to keep the energy flowing smoothly – moving forward while feeling a sense of balance and groundedness in accomplishing all you’re setting out to do. And avoiding overwhelm, confusion, or getting stuck in all the busy-ness.  How do we do that?

Curiosity creates connection!

Curiosity creates connection!

Here are a few pointers to get you started:

1) Set time aside for yourself everyday (start with 15mins if that request feels big). Re-connect with yourself, doing something you love eg: meditation, a walk in the woods or beach, listening to music.  This will give your mind and body a chance to rejuvenate and feel re-energised.  That inner connection is key to achieve this.

2) Make sure you are getting the support and encouragement you need from those around you.  Look at who is helping you in your business or at home.   Let go of the tasks that you hate, that get you stuck, to keep the momentum flowing.  That means considering outsourcing to help you, or asking for help.  Yes…ASK FOR HELP.  I encourage you to stretch yourself, if this is a difficult one for you.  Single out the naysayers, the energy-suckers and ask them for their support, or limit your time around them. Don’t forget their negativity will have a direct impact on your momentum and level of success – if you let it

3) Make sure you have a plan or routine that works for you. Identify the time of the day you operate best in. Set specific time aside to do the things that are important. The universe abhors a vacuum, so creating the space to work on a specific task by setting clear intentions,  is going to create a much higher likelihood of success!

4) Recognise and acknowledge your self for all the wonderful big and small accomplishments you are having along the way. We are great at beating ourselves up for what we haven’t done, so turn it on its head and keep the positive energy flowing, preventing you from getting stopped.

Just take these few steps and you will make a huge difference to the results in your life  & business.

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I hope you’re having an amazing start to the last few months of 2009 – going into Fall, and getting ramped up with exciting projects in your business, and preparing for family holidays!  Blessings!

Coach Louise x

PS Let me know what you’re doing to create balance and harmony for yourself during this busy time – Please comment!

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