November is the BEST time to get NEW Clients!

by Louise Crooks

It might be hard for you to believe this, but it’s true – November really can be the best time to take on new clients.  Every November I taken on at least 5 -10 new clients.  And I have 5 new clients so far this November, with the confidence that a few more will be hopping on board the Clarity train.

It’s a great time, because folks are gearing up for what next year will hold for them.  They are planning ahead – knowing that they need support and are ready to invest in themselves.  They’re also recognizing what they had intended to accomplish for themselves this year and are becoming keenly aware of certain things that haven’t come to fruition and are looking for support in those areas.

The question is will it be with you?

It won’t be you, if you’re not out there creating connections, awareness and expressly inviting them to have a conversation with you.

And it could DEFINITELY be you if you’re proactively doing this.

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It’s such a social time of the year – a good time to be out and about connecting with people – your people.  And it’s a time when folks are in a spending mood.  CAVEAT: It’s not that I want you to take advantage of people, absolutely not, but I want you to tap into those folks who are ready to invest in their growth or healing.  They want it!!

You have to step forward for them to come to the understanding that it’s you they will choose to work with.

So here are a few things I would recommend you do to get new clients during November/early December:

1)  Go to those social/networking events – especially the ones where your ideal clients hang out, and talk to those you already have a connection with, or if you don’t know anyone – new folks – and learn about them and their challenges.  Just choose 3 people and connect properly rather than flitting about the room.

2) Create an event of your own.  It doesn’t have to be over the top.  It could be a talk on specifics you cover in conjunction with the season. In person / online. It could even be in your house. :-)

Here’s an example:  You’re an energy healer, a hypnotherapist or a life coach:   so you do a talk on How to Avoid getting Sucked in the Harmful Energy of Family Clashes over the HolidaysOR   How to keep your head ABOVE water over the Holidays, when your family normally take you DOWN.  (feel free to use these!)

The possibilities are endless.

3) Invite folks to have a consultation with you!  Whether you’re just having a conversation and it feels RIGHT, or you’re doing a talk like I mentioned in #2  – make an offer.  If the timing is right, they will jump on it.

4) Choose 3 people you know who would be IDEAL clients for you, and arrange to meet up with them, or have coffee over Skype – find out how they are doing, have a conversation. Make an offer to them if it feels GOOD.

5) If you’re more advanced and have an established email list – make an offer!  A great way is to give value first through a free gift, and then have a sequence of emails leading to your offer. :-)

Remember always go with your intuition, and inner guidance and be aligned with your activities.  When you feel like you’re pushing you probably are.  Keep it light.


These are just a few ways to make the most of November!  If you have any questions or would like to have a conversation with me to figure out how you find clients in your unique business, I invite you to click here.

I’d love to hear your comments – add ways you’ve thought of that have worked for you that I haven’t touched on, ask a question, or a comment about what I’ve shared above. I love to hear what you have to say.

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