Struggling to write your newsletter? 3 tips to generate ideas!

by Louise Crooks

One of my clients asked me recently, about ideas to write about in her newsletter.  This is a common question, and  we all have those moments where it’s hard to come up with the goods!  But when you’re still getting to know who your ideal clients/niche are and what they want to know about it, can be way more challenging.


Here are a couple of things I thought might be helpful to get the ball rolling and the synapses firing!

1 ) If you are clear on your niche, and understand their unique challenges, just pick one challenge and how it shows up in their life, and speak to that. 

EXAMPLE: If you’re a nutritionist specializing in working with folks with IBS,  how do those challenges show up in their life? One example might be dealing with cramping and rushing to the loo in the most inopportune times.  How does it affect their life? They might not want to leave the house, inhibiting their ability to be sociable, and because of that, they might be struggling because their friendships are suffering.  That’s just one topic to write about.   There could be numerous.

2) Think about the time of the year and what’s happening that you can write about in tandem with the people you serve and their issues.

EXAMPLE: In the case of my client who is a Coach helping folks nurture and maintain their wellbeing after Bi-polar Depression:  She could talk about the inspiring light at the end of the tunnel that is Spring. Or how taxes might be impacting folks who are dealing with Bi-polar – and does that send them into a gloomy downward spiral. 

3) Also look at what’s happening out there in regards to events!

EXAMPLE: Like the Oscars.  So maybe she can find someone – an actor who has dealt with depression / Bi-polar depression, and write about them – like Owen Wilson or Ben Stiller – particularly if the actors are at the forefront of people’s minds.

You can see I’m sure, just how important it is to ensure you have a depth of knowledge about your ideal client / niche and ALL of their challenges and the answers they are looking for.

ALL your marketing and successful visibility strategies DEPEND ON IT.

If you’re not clear on your niche or your messaging – you might feel you’re almost there, or it just needs refining , or you might be starting from scratch,  if any of those describe where you are – then it’s very possible that The Niche Quest might be a great fit for you.   Check it out and see. :)

I’m so excited about this new charter program and I think you might be too!

I’d love to hear your thoughts, comments or questions regarding this post.  Post below!

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