Ready to Discover your NICHE?

Ready to shift from getting clients in dribs and drabs to a steady flow of great clients you LOVE to work with?

As a coach, healing practitioner, self-help author or light-worker - uncovering your niche is the KEY to attracting awesome clients, having a full practice, and honoring your soul's calling.

Without clarifying your Niche and having the right messaging, growing your business WILL feel like you're pushing a boulder up a hill.

Ready to end your frustration, and see results for all your efforts?

I'll be lighting the way, while you're on this journey of discovery...

You'll be taken through my special system in The Niche Quest, to help you uncover your core Niche.

We'll be uncovering that special 'something' that will ramp up your business to the next level - encompassing all of your experience, training and passion and turning that uncut and unpolished diamond that is your niche, into a bright shining light ready to be shone out into the world with IMPACT and CLARITY.

Each part of our journey is marked by lampposts lighting the way through from out of the darkness of not knowing and lack of clarity, out into the light and truth of channeling your amazing gifts and talents in your business. And even if you feel like you're almost there, it might need some tweaking and refining to help you fully reveal that sparkle and clarity of your niche. The TRUTH is that, if you're not getting clients, and your marketing feels icky and unimpactful, chances are your niche needs more work.


The Niche Quest

I believe you can be completely aligned with your purpose when you land on your niche. This is not about exclusion and a narrowing in the larger sense but a limitless opening to do more of what you do so well, and do it with many more people - people you have a calling to serve.

Yes, that does mean narrowing your focus in your business. One of the biggest mistakes soul-opreneurs make is trying to serve everybody. That's almost 7 billion people - who are ALL struggling to identify with your message and who you're trying to reach.

Even the most narrow niches serve THOUSANDS of people...

And your followers will be able say 'Hey! (your name) really gets me. She understands exactly what I'm going through, I really resonate with her - she's the one to help me deal with the challenges I'm having.'

Once you're clear on your niche, all the other activities in your business... your marketing and visibility strategies become much clearer, more focused.

You'll soon see your practice filling up with clients, your teleseminars and workshops full, and you'll be feeling excited about the prosperity of your business, while you're helping more people!

Your 'attractor factor' will be turned up!

It's not as simple as waving a mystical wand

...BUT there are specific things you can do, that will help you to attract your clients really easily, and make it super simple to seek them out and find them.

Your clients will be people you'll feel such a resonance with - like a feeling of 'coming home'. It's the most beautiful feeling. And you'll only know what I mean, when you land on 'it'.

Are you experiencing any of the following:

  • Feeling a lack of clarity about your message and not getting people's attention
  • Your confidence in speaking with potential clients is shaky
  • Finding it difficult to enroll clients consistently in your business
  • Struggling to know where to find your clients online and in person
  • Your networking is time consuming, costly and not reflective in getting clients
  • Trying to serve more than one niche at once and feeling confused and overwhelmed
  • You think you have a niche, but it just doesn't seem to be working
  • Wondering why your community isn't very responsive (opening emails etc)
  • Struggling to build your email list
  • Wondering who would be good referral and joint venture partners and where to connect with them
  • Feeling a connection to lots of groups of people and not sure how to choose that one focus
  • Feeling resistance to the idea of 'niching' because it will limit your ability to serve
  • You're not sure what topics to talk about when doing teleseminars - it just feels too general

These are all symptoms of not having a niche, OR clarity about your niche even if you're half way there.

If you have one or more of these going on for you, chances are this program is perfect for you.

And if you feel like you have a niche, and for some reason that niche isn't working for you - it might just be that your diamond needs a little more polishing and deeper discovery - getting to the core essence of you- which we'll do in this program.

The cool and beautiful thing is once you have clarity about what YOUR NICHE is, a lot of these symptoms disappear, and you'll start to experience flow, joy and ease in your business.

YOUR NICHE IS A REFLECTION OF YOU! It's why this journey is called a QUEST because we'll be going on a voyage of self-discovery. You'll be amazed at what we find along the way.

  • 'Being coached by Louise has been one of the best things that I've done'

    “Through her coaching I was able to narrow down my niche to exactly the right people I want to work with.

    Louise also showed me exactly where and how to find my ideal clients which has opened up all kinds of business opportunities for me.

    Thank you Louise.”

    Brenda Blindenbach is a Holistic Health Practitioner & Transformational Coach who works with women and children experiencing Grief and Loss.

  • "It was a relief to have Louise help me get clear"

    Being clear about my niche puts a framework around my practice. It allows me to attract the clients I want to coach and validates that I am a valuable resource in their lives.

    Now that I have identified my niche I am more focused and able to design my marketing to support that niche. I'm excited about connecting and coaching my niche clients. It was a relief to have Louise help me get clear, I feel more grounded and supported.”

    - Suzanne Jobling, coach to Executive Women Who Have Lost Their Way, Wanting to Lead Authentic Lives.

Program introduction. Discussing what makes you passionate about what you do and intentions for the program. The starting point of lighting the way.

Let's discover who in your community you feel most connected to . We'll be talking about past experiences and turning points in your life and digging deep to uncover your diamond in it's raw and uncut state. This is a very exciting part of the journey, as the lights are lit along the way.

Look at the challenges your clients face, what they want and how they're communicating it. This will help you clarify specifics around what your clients are experiencing - the 'what keeps them up at night'. This is where your diamond starts to get sparkly - where your clients really start to identify with you and what you're able to do for them.

Identifying characteristics, values and ideals of an ideal client -what makes your heart sing about the people you work with.

Louise will share her unique client clarification exercise to polish up your diamond niche and create your GOLDEN RESOURCE DOCUMENT (you'll be referring to this special document for a very long time to support all your marketing in your business - it truly is the GOLD)

Mastering your core message for elevator pitch, branding, writing copy and speaking so your potential clients sit up and listen. Uncovering your WHO and your WHAT -and designing zippy impactful intro statements when connecting and networking.

Mastering the Mindset to Connect with your Ideal Clients and Referral Partners. Uncovering limiting beliefs that are getting in the way of connecting. Creating CONFIDENCE to start building relationships with potential clients. Embracing YOUR own UNIQUENESS to attract your clients and referral partners like a MAGNET.

Steps to connect with and surround yourself with your Ideal Clients - WHERE to find them ONLINE and IN- PERSON We'll also discover who your natural Referral Partners and Joint Venture partners, and how to connect with them.

Taking steps to put your course experience and discoveries into action. Creating your specific intentions to continue polishing your diamond, and putting action steps in place to incorporate your NICHE into your business, and to start reaching out to your IDEAL clients. All lights are lit and shining brightly on the path, for you to move forward with clarity, focus and purpose.

The sooner you start this journey the sooner things will shift and change for the better in your business! I can't wait for that to happen for you!


  • Your personal 20min Polish your Diamond Niche Coaching Session with Louise.
  • The Creating Your Niche Training MP3 A deep dive and conversation about the experience of creating your niche - filled with folks contributing their questions and sharing lots of examples of niches.
  • The Clarifying your Niche Exercise - a proprietary resource document that results in creating GOLDEN foundational information about your IDEAL clients you-ll be able to refer back to with your answers elicited through this exercise.
  • A dedicated forum on Facebook (a special private group) to interact with your fellow participants, ask questions and connect between calls. I-ll be on there often! (if you-re not comfortable on Facebook, and are not prepared to jump in and join us there - this program is probably not for you)
  • SPECIAL BONUS: A VIP SEAT at Louise's LIVE EVENT in MANHATTAN in 2015. Details to be announced. (Value of $497)

The Niche Quest

Program Starts: Soon To Be Decided!

8 x 60-90 min training / group coaching calls
all calls recorded
Weekly on Tuesdays at 1pm ET ~ All calls recorded!

Make 1 Easy Payment of


OR… Make 3 Payments of $119 (30 days between payments)

I'm so excited for you.

This journey is FOUNDATIONAL to the success you're looking for in your practice...


Whether you're a coach or healer or author, you'll suddenly find it SOOOO much easier to talk to people, to connect with the RIGHT people, build your community and list, and start seeing clients lining up and signing up. This marketing ‘stuff' will feel lose the ICK, and feel more aligned and authentic. And your sales conversations will feel way more natural.

If at the end of the program, it feels like you just didn't get what you came for - I'll refund your payment in full! And you can keep all the bonuses. I trust your integrity in this.

It's time to end the struggle, stop the resistance, and know there is a BETTER way. I'm going to light that path for you, and together we'll be on that evolutionary voyage of discovery to shine your light, and help you get many MORE clients - AWESOME clients and MORE MONEY flowing into your business.

I'm looking forward to journeying with you! Lighting the first lamp now...

To your shining success,

Louise x

P.S. You'll get to do MORE of what you love, not less when you discover your NICHE. MORE people will be helped, there will be MORE income in your business, and MORE EASE AND JOY will flow. It truly is a beautiful thing. And I get to be the ripple, through you.

P.P.S. Still have questions? Email or call 732-391 2675 and we'll get them squared away.

  • 'I significantly increased my fees and signed up eight new ideal clients!'

    "I hired Louise at a time when I my coaching practice was stagnant despite the ridiculous number of hours I was working each week. As a result, I was emotionally and financially frightened because the revenue just wasn't there. While I had clients, I was bringing in very little money for several consecutive months. I was barely paying my business and personal bills, and I certainly wasn't able to save anything. This situation was completely unacceptable to me.

    Very quickly Louise showed me that my lack of clarity around my business focus was at the root of much of my client attraction problem. Within a few weeks I gained the clarity I needed and revised my website to align with the focus I finally understood. Clarifying my business focus and identifying all of the different forms of value I bring to every client relationship positioned me to turn the corner. After just three months of working with Louise I significantly increased my fees and signed up eight new ideal clients! That is real success.”

    –Sylvia Hepler, Launching Lives, LLC

  • "Working with Louise is a dream"

    Being clear on my niche means I know who my ideal client is. I know who I am reaching out to. I am clear about what my message needs to be and how to serve my ideal client most appropriately. This clarity and knowledge is freeing and it propels me forward with inspired action.

    Having this clarity is creating a focus for each of my visibility strategies and informing each of my business decisions. The actions I am taking based on the clarity of my niche will naturally produce the success I am after on a shorter learning curve because I know who I'm focusing on and where to find them. Also, when I talk or write about or create messaging for my ideal clients and the services I offer, I feel confident and clear about what I want to say and offer.

    Working with Louise is a dream. Her pointed (yet gentle) way of asking questions to lead to crystallized points of clarity is just what the doctor ordered."

    - Julie Pierce of www.wholevisioncoaching
    Coach to High Powered Women on the Journey to Creating a Family in the Untraditional Way

  • "Louise's masterful process helped me take the courageous steps... "

    "Even though I understood the benefits of identifying my niche, I resisted doing it for a long time. Louise's masterful process helped me take the courageous steps of saying "Yes!" to my core expertise-writing-and of fine-tuning who my ideal clients truly are.

    I'm delighted by the feeling of lightness this has given me! And I'm eager to see all that happens when I fully align my services with my core talents and passion! "

    - Rose Muenker of
    Writing Coach for Those with An Important Message

  • "Louise is extremely intuitive and can sense what's needed... "

    "Louise helped me get really clear on my niche. This clarity gave me so much freedom because prior to this, I was feeling restless, thinking that I should be approachable to everyone and should be able to coach anyone. I had been confused and unfocused.

    Now that I'm clear - I'll be creating group coaching and workshops for women in the context of my niche. It has become much easier to have an action plan. Louise is extremely intuitive and can sense what's needed, creating clarity and a sense of peace as to where I'm headed next."

    - Nini Rezai of
    Coach to Women Recovering from Divorce, Wanting to Experience Joy, Peace and Love Again

If by the end of the 1st week, it feels like you just didn't get what you came for, I'll refund your payment in full! (minus $100 admin fee) And you can keep all the bonuses!
I trust your integrity in making this decision.