Opt-In Gift Tips and Trends!

by Louise Crooks

This week I want to share about the amazing value of Opt-In Gifts with you, as a method of sharing a deep slice of your best expertise so your potential clients get to know you, and as a way to build credibility and build your email list!  They are an essential part of your marketing online if that’s how you’d like to build your community.

First off, having an opt- in gift on your home page is paramount!   If you don’t have this yet, time to get on it. Better yet, have it show up on every page of your site, if it’s in the margin. Or in a pop box. Yes I hate those but in truth they do work really well!! (but I won’t be putting one on my site anytime soon!)

There are still a lot of coaches and healers out there who have an opt-in box, but only for a e-newsletter /ezine.  This is definitely not enough any more!!!    Folks out there are so overwhelmed by email, they will just see your newsletter as another way to jam up their email in box.

You want to make an offer for a gift you’ll give them, that is so juicy and compelling that they will absolutely want to give you their name and email address! You want your ideal client to be really excited by what you’re offering.


And yes the gift does need to be all that, as well as have a great title otherwise  they will just click off your site.

Your opt-in gift could be an email drip- series, where you send out a few tips over 5 or 7 days.  It could be a video or audio.  I prefer audio myself as I know I can download it and listen to it anytime, anywhere.

Here’s a quick tip on trends at the moment for great opt-in gifts and opt-in conversions. (Conversions are the percentage rate of how many folks will actually put their information in your opt-in box and click ‘gift’)…

Even though video is SOOO hot right now as a tool for communicating with, there are many who prefer audio and want to just download and take it with them to listen in the car or on their walk.  Also a video series gift, isn’t doing very well out there at the moment, because people often think they have to watch all the videos all at once, and of course none of us have time for that, or because of the point I made above.  If you are going to use video as a gift, make it multi-dimensional, so those who aren’t visual or don’t want to sit and watch, can either listen or read what was shared in the video.  That means include a report or audio with it.  That was a juicy tip supplied by my colleague Michele PW at her Copy-Writing Day at Wealthy Thought Leader in Vancouver!  If anyone knows what is working and what isn’t when it comes to Opt-In pages and gifts, it’s her!

Opt-in gifts can also be created for a special opt-in page or squeeze page, not just for your Home page.  These are often used specifically as list-builders.  (keep an eye out as I’ll be doing a special call on list-building for new soulopreneurs in a couple of weeks!)

If you go to an event, or speak on someone’s radio show, it’s a wonderful way to share a gift with the audience.  It’s one action step that’s compelling and juicy, without any risk or discomfort on their part.

If you’re getting started, and feel overwhelmed with how-to’s and technology, just start simply with a special report (an article or short e-book) that shares your knowledge on a specific topic in your area of expertise. Really go deep, so you give real value, and they come back wanting more of you!  And audio is also great way to get started… The trick is not to complicate things too much to begin with and just get it done!

Good luck! And let me know your thoughts and post comments below!

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To your shining success!
Louise x

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