OSHO & Authenticity.

by Louise Crooks

I had the wonderful opportunity to watch this video today and my synapses started firing and getting very excited! I have already been a big supporter of Osho,  a guru in India, who speaks his mind. That is what sets him apart. His uniqueness is his ability to be truly in the truth of who he is. Often the challenge for most of us is to live from that truth, that authentic place. It means we won’t always be liked, and often we’ll be loved, but there is a duality and it works!  And interestingly from a marketing perspective this is far more powerful, than when we show up trying to be liked by all – and we get to live from our truth, which I believe is what we are generally striving for. To live in an awakened state, or to be on an enlightened path, and even to have more impact on the lives we want to affect around us, it is imperative to operate from this place of authenticity.

Some of you might say, well if I am going to attract what I want in the world, or the clients I would like to work with I need to focus on the ‘know, like and trust’ factor, and so being provocative might not help me in attracting clients generally! Well, my response is yes, we do want to focus on the ‘know, like and trust’ factor, with our IDEAL clients. And not waste our time on the dabblers, the half foot in half foot out clients. So let the people who really connect with your authentic self find you, and really climb on board. The relationship and results you’ll have with those clients will be more dramatic and effective. And to boot, you’ll both have more fun! Be provocative!

Here is the video called  ‘I Am A Threat, Certainly’  for your enjoyment!  Let me know what you think, and your thoughts on this subject of Authenticity.  A subject precious to my heart, having written about it in the upcoming book Stepping Stones to Success.

I Am A Threat, Certainly.


living in authenticity,
Coach Louise x

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