What got you here? It’s the KEY to Powerful Magnetizing Messaging!

by Louise Crooks


Chances are you have a story, that has led you to this very moment.  This moment where you are doing the soul work – the transformational work that you’re passionate about doing.   The kind of work that leaves you feeling inspired, connected and fulfilled.   Am I right?

We all have a story.   It’s not the story that keeps us playing victim and bringing us down, but the story that empowers us to serve others, and by telling it we not only honor ourselves and the experience we went through, but shares our journey to be able to credibly and compassionately serve others.

everyone has a story phrase handwritten on chalkboard with heart symbol instead of O

everyone has a story phrase handwritten on chalkboard with heart symbol instead of O

I love hearing people’s stories.  It really helps me get connected to why they do what they do (or don’t do – as the case may be).

I was inspired when one of my friends and colleagues Lindsay Wilson asked a fabulous question on Facebook, that got a huge response.  I was wowed by the ‘stories’ that were shared.

The question was: Please tell me stories about when you’ve made brave choices, with no reason to believe they’d work out, and how amazing the results have been.

As I shared my journey (and not all of it I might add!), and got a resounding ‘wow, I had no idea – that’s amazing’ from Lindsay,  it got me thinking…

First – have I not been sharing my story???? (the answer is definitely NOT ENOUGH)

Two – I’ve got a pretty cool story that could inspire others

Three – I should share that story with you.

And lastly – sharing with you why your story really matters!!!

So I’d love to share what I posted on Lindsay’s thread so that you get a good sense of what I’ve come from, and experienced – what makes me who I am today.  (as I mentioned, this is not the whole story but answers the question Lindsay asked).

Here it is:

I left South Africa to travel the North America with a couple of girlfriends in the early ’90’s in my early 20’s. Bought an old Dodge van, and put 23,000 miles on the clock. Travelled all over the U.S., Mexico and Canada. (Just maps – no GPS or cell phones in those days!). Learnt many lessons about myself, as well as experiencing the worst and best of humanity.

Then went to London,UK to get on a career track (to be able to return to post-apartheid South Africa -dealing with affirmative action and very little work opportunity except for those with multiple degrees and work experience). Literally hadn’t a cent to my name at that point. Borrowed £100 and arrived in London, determined to find work and make a go of it. Arrived just knowing one person (barely – but it gave me a leg up).

Found myself on a career path (recruitment) within 3 months (worked from day 1), and had a very successful career within 1 year. Worked in two fabulous organizations building brand new recruitment desks in a new area of expertise for those businesses (investment banking and corporate treasury) during the 10 years I worked in recruitment there. These were highly successful teams and left on track to bill £1 mill in biz in my last year (not too shabby in 2001!).

Had planned to stay in UK for 2 years and then go back to SA. Wasn’t to happen. Met my husband the same moment I arrived in London. J  Before we left I left recruitment deciding it no longer aligned with my values. Then studied Interior Design in Bath. We then moved to NY. Decided it was an adventure for a year and if it didn’t work out we’d go north. I walked into the local interior designers studio in Hoboken and was hired as a designer straight away. (newbies would KILL for this kind of opportunity) Worked with her for the year. We loved NY, and stayed.

We now have both taken the leap with me being a holistic business coach for coaches and healers , and my DH a tech startup leadership coach/consultant. Kicked the ‘corporate world ‘ and now our own bosses, living a wonderful life near the shore and Manhattan, together with our 3 lovely kitties. Lots of life challenges along the way – but wherever we pointed our desire to succeed, we’ve done it.

It was a kick sharing that journey!  I realized how far I’d come.

Ok….   Deep breath…….

The truth is that we actually have multiple stories.  So you get to choose the one that’s relevant for you in the moment you tell it.    I have stories about forgiveness, stories of my infertility journey, stories on chronic pain and surviving…. And so on.

Here’s why your stories (wrapped up in big life experiences) are soooooo important in terms of being a soul-opreneur.

  • Your clients and audience want to get to know you, and connect to you at a deeper level. When they connect to you at a deeper level – their barometer of trust, respect and connection rises quickly.  When they feel that sense of trust – they are much more likely to step up to work with you, and more quickly.


  • Your story demonstrates that you’ve been there. You’ve experienced something significant and often transformative.  So you become in essence the ‘expert’ because of it.  Your credibility factor shoots up because of it.


  • Your story also often leads to helping you communicate powerfully with your audience, because you can hone in on a particular issue – and this often leads to clear niching, and even deeper – the clarity of who your ideal client is. (very important!)


  • When that clarity comes, your messaging becomes really powerful in all the marketing you do – whether it’s copy for your website, articles you’re writing, or teleseminars you’re giving to attract clients.

As you can see there is LOTS here.  And there is more, but that’s enough for the moment- I don’t want to overwhelm you.  :)

I just want to get you thinking about your story / stories.  Start writing them down, and see what comes to the surface and start thinking about how you can use them in your messaging OR clarity around who you want to serve.

I ALWAYS love to hear your thoughts on what I’ve shared.  Please post any thoughts (or questions) coming up for you in the comment below.

You might be feeling like you need help in this area.  If you do, and want to explore getting support. I would welcome you to schedule a complimentary Conscious Business Breakthrough Consultation  with me.

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