Radio Show: How to get Clients! Marketing tools and tips.

by Louise Crooks
filling the piggy bank

filling the piggy bank

Hi all holistic practitioners and coaches!                           

Watch this space!  I will be having a show focusing on the different marketing principles of how to get clients!  This will be on Monday the 8th September at 7pm EST.

I noticed when I was attending a networking group comprised mainly of holistic practitioners and coaches – that the biggest issue for them was around marketing and how to get clients!   This is a combination the coaching aspect – getting past your own fears or blocks, but also have the basic principles of getting out there in the right way and speaking to the right people.  This will be an exciting opportunity to grow your business especially what can be seen as a shaky economic climate.  I am hoping to have someone to interview on this topic – TBA!    Looking forward to meeting you on the air!   (See link for radio show on side of page)   Don’t forget that if you can’t listen live, then click on the same link and listen to the archived podcasts of this or previous shows – a mine of information!

On a mission!

Coach Louise Crooks

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