Ready to Create your Juicy Freebie?

by Louise Crooks

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Readyto learn the 5 key ingredients a juicy opt-in gift needs, to build your community and your email list, fill your programs and have many more clients working with you?

Find out the 4 ways to prevent your gift from being a LEMON too!

If your website home page doesn’t have a free gift, or one that works well, all your marketing and connecting is for naught. Your ‘freebie’ is the gateway to creating a community of avid fans and more income.

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Louise Crooks the KeystoClarity Coach, and founder of will share tips and techniques to get you clear about:

• What kind of gifts you could create
• What your community needs from an opt-in gift to make it work
• What traps not to fall into when creating an opt-in gift
• The 4 ways to make sure your gift isn’t a lemon from the start
• Key elements to creating a JUICY opt-in gift
• The types of gifts that work well, and the ones that don’t
• How to have an opt-in gift that rocks, attracts and keeps them coming back for more

Join me for this special TRAINING.

I know it’s going to make a big difference to building your email list and getting more clients!

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I hope to see you on the call!




Louise Crooks ~ The KeystoClarity! Coach  for Coaches, Holistic Practitioners and  Alternative Healing Professionals

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