Your Niche is (often) NOT the group of people you love to ‘hang out’ with…

by Louise Crooks

Yes I said it! It’s a trap MANY of us soul-opreneurs fall into.

‘Why?’ you might ask.

Because we want to hang out where we feel most safe and connected.

You might be reeling from this – so take a moment. Because most of us have done it. (yes, I’ve been there!)

And the truth is it really doesn’t help us grow our businesses.

What you do want to be looking for – is where your ideal clients hang out!

tree with hands

So even though you might feel that the work you’re doing is all about healing/transformation and that other healers or coaches will ‘get you’ – they are unlikely to be your ‘ideal clients’.

The key is that you ‘get’ your clients and what they are going through.

For example:

If you decide that you’ll be coaching terminal cancer patients regarding end of life – you’re not going to meet them at your local spiritual holistic fair, or at the next coaching conference, right?

This might feel a little uncomfortable at first – but think back to the time that you were just as unconscious as they are now – when you were walking in their shoes.  And chances are you’ll feel a connection that transcends any other.  Huge love and compassion.

What you ‘get’ is where they are, and what they are going through – and that’s what they need to know.

So be careful about where you spend your time.

Be selective about who you spend your time with.

Start saying ‘no’ to unconscious networking,  to say ‘yes’ to a bigger opening with your ideal clients.

Now, it’s all well and good to say go hang out with your ideal clients, but if you’re starting out, and are still trying to figure out who they are, and where they hang out, then you want to pay attention to this foundational piece in your business –  your NICHE.   If you’re still figuring this out and need support, check out my program The Niche Quest and see if it’s the right support for you.

In the meanwhile –don’t let not having this clarity stop you from getting out there and have conversations, and connecting. After all it’s part of the process of figuring out who they are to begin with.

Did this post strike a cord? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment box below!  :)

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