Saying No to Frustration and Overwhelm!

by Louise Crooks

A common theme in our soulopreneural lives, is this ‘going like gangbusters’ (we’re 3 months into 2012 and its go, go, go!) trying to accomplish so much in a short space of time and not taking care of ourselves, or trying everything in your power to create something important but not being able to break through an unseen barrier, to do it. Both can lead to feelings of overwhelm and frustration. Can you relate?

Overwhelm is brought on by other things happening around us and our reaction to them, like: fears around money, inability to create balance between work and family, the need to know something when it just isn’t ready to reveal itself yet, frustration when things aren’t going fast enough… Gosh I can just feel how one could just work oneself up into a frenzy. I’m guilty of this too! The wonderful thing is we get to notice when this is happening… and choose something different.We can say NO to desperation and frustration, both big contributors to overwhelm and misery, and YES to peace, clarity and inspiration.

In the theme of ‘less is more’ (mentioned under the post Visibility: Less is More) it seems to be coming up again and again for myself and the people around me. This idea is that if we take a step back from what we want so much ironically the answers come to us with more ease and fairly quickly, if we do the opposite it creates more struggle and a longer time for the answers to emerge. I remember one of my clients wanting to have instantaneous clarity around her ideal client. This is sometimes an evolutionary process over a period of time before we know what it truly is,even if we’re in the ball park. What was interesting is that when she took a step back and allowed the intention of knowing what it was, to bubble under the surface in our subconscious – she allowed the universe to respond to that intention, and it started to do the work for her. In stepping back, in the space of allowing, and not ‘want’ or ‘need’, the energy opens up and s tarts to flow towards us with the answers we’re looking for. And that is exactly what happened with this client. It was perfection.

It feels counter-intuitive doesn’t it? If you want something badly, the need for it increases and increases. Doing the opposite can seem like madness!

Being patient for your business to evolve and grow is another big one. Often what I see is clients, wanting it all done yesterday. A sense of desperation that comes from a lack of finances, and a frustration from not being where they would like to be in the growth of their business, because it’s not happening fast enough. Give yourself permission to know that ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ (yes, I said it!), this is so true. It’s like asking a newborn baby to be a man tomorrow. There is a process, or a journey that needs to take place in order for your business to evolve. How fast you move and grow, is dependent on your ability not to get in your own way, and to take care of yourself along the way. And again sometimes stepping back and allowing those inner awareness’s to come through, helps you to do that.

Whatever you do… just breathe. When all else fails… just breathe.

And stopping beating yourself up.

Stepping back, allowing, trusting, having patience and self-nurturing, will all help you get to where you want to go, in a calm, clear and peaceful manner.

Remember ‘less is more’. :)

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