September Business Blast for Soul-o-preneurs!

by Louise Crooks
Push this Easy Button! ;)

Push this Easy Button! ;)

Yes, September is here, Autumn is here, and it’s time  to give our business our all and jump in 100% in the last 4 months of this year 2009!   To help you do this, I have dedicated September on KtC Radio to shows that are solely geared towards making September a big start for you.  To get you inspired, to introduce you to some amazing people, and to give you some great tools to keep you moving forward with EASE and in PROSPERITY.

Tonight, as it is Labor Day in the US,  is going to be a slightly different show on KtC Radio, as I will be going solo, but with the focus of preparing you with what is to come!  Preparing the foundation of your business with some solid tips, so that you’re focused, and clear without any sense of overwhelm with the projects you’re taking on. And I will also announce the upcoming shows for September full of exciting content and wonderful guests, such asTravis Miller & Jimmy Vee from Gravitational Marketing, Sandra de Freitas the TechCoach, and the lovely Coach Davender Gupta.

You’ll also get a glimpse of 2 exciting programs I will be starting in September & October – the first is wholly focused on the 2009 Business Blast!  You’ll definitely want to know more about that! And the second, is…a surprise – you’ll find out more on the show!

And there will be surprises and prizes!  Yes, thats all tonight, AND its only going to be in 30mins! Yes, that is all for LABOR DAY, as I don’t want to be’labor’ the points I will be making! (Hee hee!)  But you will get an awesome taster of everything to come!  I know you really want to get a strong start in your business going into this week and month, just like I do, so join me!   I will take questions, so feel free to call in.  Click on the button on the right side of the page, and join me at 7pm EST tonight.

And lastly (but not least!) have a wonderful remainder of your Labor Day – I am enjoying the tennis and the golf!  So enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

With focus & intention,

Coach Louise

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