Wondering why those visitors to your website are NOT signing up to your list?

by Louise Crooks

This is a common conundrum amongst soul-opreneurs who want to grow their business online. If this your experience – you’re DEFINITELY not alone.

You’ve got a website, you’ve set up your email management system, you’ve got an invitation on your home page to sign up and YOU KNOW that there are some awesome people you’d LOVE to connect with who are visiting your site… But they are just landing and then flitting away, never to be heard from again. Frustrating right!!? So what’s going on!?

It’s like a butterfly that has landed but hasn’t found the right kind of environment to eat the perfect green leaves to sustain her as she gets ready to expand her existence. She’s going to keep flitting until she lands on THE plant that’s perfect for her.

It’s the same with your ideal clients! We need to make sure that we’re setting up the environment (your home page) so it’s perfect for them! (AND I might add, it’s NOT always about SEO, although that is important too).

Visitors not signing up -butterfly
So what do we need?

There are a few important things we should first focus on:

1) Make sure they know they are in the right place. Your messaging on your home page should speak directly to these folks you call your ideal clients. You can articulate their most challenging issues and heartfelt desires. If you don’t have this – they will be GONE.

2) Make sure you have an opt-in gift.

You might be saying – well I actually have one Louise! Be sure it’s NOT a strategy session, discovery session or consultation you’re offering as your gift. OR that you’re NOT offering your newsletter as your gift. This is a very common mistake. The trap here is that folks landing on the site, don’t know and trust us yet. We need to build that trust FIRST and that comes with providing REAL value without any risk. In other words -give them a taster, not the whole enchilada.

3) Make sure you have a fricking JUICY opt-in gift.

Not only do you need an opt-in gift, but it needs to be COMPELLING. Your free giveaway is the GATEWAY to you building your email list quickly and easily. Anything BUT a JUICY opt-in gift (freebie, giveaway etc) is actually a BOTTLENECK to you converting those fabulous leads (your ideal clients!) into folks who want to opt-in to your list (your inner community). Just like the butterfly they will FLIT away again, ne’er to be seen again.

Your GIFT needs to hit them exactly where their DEEP NEED or DESIRE is. So you need to know this group of people intimately. It means they know they can get relief, respite or inspiration RIGHT NOW by signing up for your gift and they WON’T leave without it. They want to munch your leaves baby!!

4) Last but certainly not least, make sure your gift is ABOVE the FOLD.

That saying comes from the newspapers where the main story would be on the top part of the newspaper even though it was folded in half – so you didn’t need to turn it over to see the headline. In this case it means not having to scroll down to find it. So as soon as they land on your site one of the FIRST things they see will be your Opt-in Gift . You want to capture their attention immediately and make it easy for them to take action.

Ok, I hope that gave you some insight into what could get you plenty more sign ups and convert those important leads to potential clients. There are many more things I could mention but this is a GOOD start. I’d love to hear what you’ve been doing – and what’s been working and what hasn’t. How does this land for you? (scuze the pun!) I’d love to hear from you. :-)

Here’s to your SHINING success!

P.S. Yep, your ideal audience could be that swarm of gorgeous butterflies winging their way straight for you and the fabulous work you do. Let’s make sure you make their new home perfect for them! :-)






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