Slacking off during the Summer!

by Louise Crooks

Hi Y’all!

Thats what it feels like!  The summer has been amazing so far!  Just spent nearly a week in Quebec, with our good friends at their cottage on Blue Sea Lake.  It was heavenly!  So tranquil and peaceful.  Just what I needed.  After some crazy travelling to Thailand and the UK, as well as celebrating my 40’th !!! Birthday in between,  I was in need of some R & R!   I slept and read, read and slept, and of course was a bit sociable too!     Sometimes its okay for us to take some time out!    Time out of our busy schedules, and thats just what I did!  I feel rejuvenated and ready to get busy with lots of new projects: an exciting workshop,  working on my radio shows, and coaching! 

What have you been doing to re-juvenate, my fair coaches and holistic friends!?  I would love to hear about it, and to find out how you benefitted!!  I am sure our readers would also be interested, and might even get some ideas of their own!!

love, peace and tranquility,

Coach Louise  

PS:  The highlight of my trip was on my birthday! We were doing a little tour of the lake in a little put-put fishing boat, and came across a pair of Loons, with 2 babies.  They are such beautiful birds, with a very unique cry.  It was truly a gift to see them! (…from the Universe!)

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