Doing your Soul’s work can be so Rewarding, BUT it can also Catch you Unawares when growing a Business! (3 Soul Work Hurdles below)

by Louise Crooks

I’ve found that soul-driven business owners like you and I, can really get stopped in our tracks for a number of reasons, even when our path seems clearly laid out. It has certainly happened to me more than once, and I know it will for you too – we’re human after all!

It’s why the journey we’re on, never feels like a straight line. That’s ok. We wouldn’t experience the joy if we didn’t know the hardships. Most of us would also not be able to handle complete overnight success all in one go!!

Some of these things can be learnt, and some of them overcome through mindset/inner work. I just want to hopefully make that line be a bit straighter so you’re not feeling like you’re never going to get there, or want to give up!

I want to shine a light on these things, so you know you’re not alone and bring it to the forefront of your mind so you give it your attention.

This is precious this soul work you’re doing in the world – don’t forget it! Let’s nurture it and love it and bring it forth with self-compassion, understanding and awareness.

glass ball in hands with abstract background

So here are some of the things that create those Soul Work hurdles…


We are so passionate about our modality and what we can do for folks –  that we see our business as part of us, and we are a part of it.  So we get VERY attached to outcomes whether it’s in an enrollment conversation, selling a program etc etc. We get so wrapped up in it that brings up issues on how we value ourselves, what our services /we are worth – which then becomes tied up in our invitation, in the enrollment conversation.  This makes it sooo difficult to move on, not feel rejected etc etc.

Having so much personal investment and lack of ability to communicate the value of your services almost as a separate entity, becomes a real sticking point for many. It’s so personal. We get so attached.

Ahhhhh. Take a nice deep breath. It’s okay. Take another one…. Ahhhhh.


Another is our pricing. Again we get tied up in knots about this – again the value /worth piece shows up again big time. I’ve seen folks coming out of corporate who were able to sell high priced programs and products, but feel completely different when they are running their own coaching or healing business. It’s just a very different kettle of fish when it reflects your soul’s calling.

Questions arise like – How much should I charge? Am I charging too much? Should I be charging what they say I should be? (often this is way more than you’re aligned with right now, and so energetically doesn’t work) And often the reality is that many undervalue their services by charging too little. But what is the ‘right’ price!? There is one for sure. It’s different for each of us – did you know that – even if you’re doing the same work someone else is doing?

Okay. It’s all right. You’re not alone on this journey. SOOOOO many people are struggling with this right now. Take another deep breath…. You’ll find your way, I promise.


The last one I’m going to mention, is that we have such a passion for this soul’s work, it’s really difficult not to get deep into the weeds when trying to explain what we do to our prospects or folks we’re just talking to. There is nothing wrong with sharing your passion, for sure. BUT you might just notice that the person you’re talking to’s eyes just might glaze over a bit.

This is because we’re not really communicating the value of the method you’re discussing, to THEM.

It’s a big trap folks fall into when they start marketing their business. Always remember the phrase WIIFM – What’s In It For Me. Because they just want to know if this is going to help them in some way – in some way tangible that they can relate to in their life.

You almost have to relearn how to talk to you ideal clients the way you were when you hadn’t had this amazing body of work happen in your life. Now you’re into that thing that will help them, but you’ve forgotten how you described that thing that brought you to this work (your own challenges, symptoms, experiences) – THAT’s the nugget you want to be going for and sharing with them, that’s what they want to connect to.

Again… take a nice deep breath… Ahhhhhh……. It’s all going to be okay.

This is just a process of acquiring knowledge you didn’t have or know, and getting out of your own way. You can do it. I know you can.

Any of this resonate with you?

There is help if you’d like it. If you’d like to explore the possibilities (of which there are a few) and figure out what might support you best, feel free to schedule a chat with me by clicking on this link. I’d love to talk to you – it will be a gentle chat about your needs and what steps would be helpful for you.

So much to share, but I don’t want to write and write and have your eyes glaze over! 😉

I’ll leave it there, and wish you an amazing rest of your week!

Please comment below about your thoughts! :) Comments are always welcomed – I love to hear what you think, questions you have etc.

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