Stepping into the Spotlight to Attract Your Ideal Client

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Stepping into the Spotlight to Attract Your Ideal Client
Saturday, April 2, 2011
1:00 pm EST / 10:00 am PST / 6:00 pm GMT

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Have you noticed yet that marketing is the No.1 biggest activity in your business besides your actual expert service?

If you have an inkling that this is pretty important… then you’re right!

But first we need to make sure we have key pieces in place to know that what we’re doing is effective, so we don’t end up spinning our wheels and going nowhere fast!

Are you clear on why tapping into becoming VISIBLE is so powerful for your business and do you know what all the amazing possibilities are?
Did you know how important the VISIBILITY strategy you choose is,  and that it needs to be an intuitive fit not only for you but for you niche as well?
Did you know that VISIBILITY is actually the KEY to your success as a soulopreneur? Seriously.
And did you know there are pit-falls you want to look out for as you venture down the road of choosing your VISIBILITY STRATEGIES?

I am so excited to share lots of juicy info with you on this call!

On this complimentary call you will learn:

2 Critical Mistakes soulopreneurs make, that get in the way of your creating the real results you’re looking for, and how to avoid them.
5 Shiny Bright Reasons why you want more visibility for yourself and your business, even when it feels trepidatious.
3 Powerful Steps to picking the right strategies to reach your IDEAL clients, in an easy and effective way.

You might be on the precipice of stepping out there and taking steps to reach out on different platforms – the info on this call will give you great insight into what’s possible when you do this.  AND if you’re doing it already, and feel like your efforts are going unrewarded or feel futile, I’ll be addressing this too!  And if you’re already on your way to getting known and becoming VISIBLE you’re going to get excited about insights I’ll share with you that you won’t have thought of before!

I’m is going to share juicy information that will boost your business into the spotlight, not only to attract more clients, but your IDEAL clients.  AND you’ll be able to apply what you hear on the call straight away!

It will also be the preview to the Visibility Mastery Program!  Whether you choose to move on with this or not, make sure to join us so you absorb all the free training I’ll be sharing to move you forward in your business on this call.   I’m all about you reaching more people!

Louise Crooks, The KeystoClarity Coach, is a dynamic and inspiring coach, radio show host, speaker, trainer and co-author of Stepping Stones to Success.  It’s her mission to help coaches and holistic practitioners or any business owner in the field of healing and transformation, to create a powerful foundation in your business, choosing the right strategies to become VISIBLE and attract your ideal clients.  It means you can operate from a place of prosperity, and help more people!  She gently pushes you out of your comfort zone, into embracing your passion and sharing it on a larger platform!  And have fun doing it.

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