Building your Platform is the KEY to a Book Launch Success

by Louise Crooks

It’s a big worry isn’t it? When you’re writing that book (or maybe you’ve already written it!), and know that when it’s published that you haven’t built up a community to sell it to.

You’re living the dream right now. WRITING THAT BOOK! You’ve probably been waiting for a long time to get this body of work out into the world. It means A LOT.

But what happens when you don’t have a community of followers to sell it to?

Well, let’s investigate a little…

There might be that little part of you that’s fearful about actually selling it. What if no one buys it, or it’s just not well received? It’s easier sometimes to stick our heads in the sand and not think about it.

Or you’re so ensconced in the actual writing of the book, that the marketing piece is an afterthought. I’ve heard folks say – I’m just so busy with writing the book, I can’t think about that at the moment.

We know writing a book is a big undertaking. BUT if folks are not there to buy it, your work is still in a sense, being hidden – your light is still under that bushel!

I know you want to get your message out there, and touch people’s lives.

But to do that you absolutely need to start building your email list and community (social media) to be able to have a book launch that creates a SPLASH.

I don’t want to hear about how your books ended up in boxes in your garage. That’s heartbreaking!

I want to hear how your books are being LOVED by your audience – that people are inviting you to speak to their groups, associations and audiences. I want to hear how your followers are signing up to work with you based on the value your book has provided.

Books flying from hand

I know you do too!! Right?

Here is the truth.

You want to be building a platform (your email list and social media following and accessing jv audiences) AT THE SAME TIME as when you’re writing the book, and before as well as during your book launch.

It needs time, effort and planning.

Ideally you want to be working on this 6 -12 months (ideally 12) before your book is published. You need the time to get clear on the strategies you’ll be using and learning, and gaining the momentum to build your following.

It’s not an overnight process.

To give your book and your message the best chance, this has to be part of your overall book project.

So ask yourself these questions so we can get to the bottom of what’s holding you back in this area…

1) Am I avoiding the other part of my writing project, the building a community and email list?
2) If the answer is ‘yes’ – ask your higher self, why this might be.
What’s holding me back from building my audience?
List out your concerns and fears. Get really honest with yourself.
3) Is it because?…
A: I’m too busy with my writing project and don’t have time to focus on that yet.
B: I just don’t know where to get started, and feel a bit paralyzed by the prospect of it.
C: It just feels too big – I have some idea of what I should be doing but just am not clear and can’t seem to get it going.
D: If I’m honest with myself, it’s the fear that people won’t buy my book, and then I’ll look like an idiot and a failure.
E: I just need the steps laid out in front of me, and then I can get into action – right now, I don’t know what it entails but I know I need to do it.

Wow, good job!! It takes guts to get really clear on what’s holding you back – especially around something that is so precious to you. Something so precious that we often liken writing a book to that ‘other child’ we’re birthing. This is where it gets sticky because so much can come up when we see it as an extension of ourselves. This happens a lot to soul-opreneurs where their work is so much a part of them.

Ok, so let’s get down to business.

Most often just having the steps laid out is HUGE. It brings an enormous amount of clarity. Then you know where you’re headed, and you can start making a plan.

To help you with this very thing, I created a special checklist so that you can have that clearly laid out for you!

It’s called the Transformational Author Book Launch Checklist.

I really want to encourage you to take a step get this going. PLEASE don’t leave this until after you’ve written your book.

It’s just a big anti-climax and a let-down when you’ve published your book, and nothing happens with it. Believe me, this happens to a LOT of authors.

I want you to feel excited, proud, and KNOWN for what you’ve created and accomplished.

You’d also be really losing the opportunity to create a wonderful audience as you create credibility as an expert in the area you’re writing about.

This is where you really get to elevate how people see you, and build a BUZZ around what you do.

People get excited when they see something that is very relevant to them!

Don’t lose the opportunity to leverage that audience with wonderful programs and offerings that will SERVE them, and make a WONDERFUL income for you.

NOW is the time. It’s not too late. Better late than never. You can always delay the date of your launch to get ready. (oooh I bet you’re baulking at that –it’s only your timeline so you get to decide, right?) That’s preferable to starting to do this work the month before launch, or just as you’re launching which so many do, only to end up feeling disappointed.

I know you’re champing at the bit to get your Checklist!



It will be available to download on BLACK FRIDAY through to CYBER MONDAY (25th -28th Nov.)

Sorry to make you wait, but I wanted to give you a heads up before you head out to enjoy time with family and friends!

Fear not!  I will make sure to update my blog with the special download link – ON FRIDAY.

I’m EXCITED for you. The fact that you’re now really taking a step to ensure that your book get’s the attention it deserves. That you get to serve the people you’re meant to serve. That a large audience of people are going to hear your message! One to MANY!

This is what you’ve been called to do.

Have a fabulous, fun and loving Thanksgiving (if you’re in the US)!

Clive and I will be travelling to Toronto to be with family, so more fun time than turkey time.

To your shining success, and JOY-filled visability,

Louise x

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