You have a gift? It’s time to take a stand!

by Louise Crooks

This week I’m going on a little rant! 😉

I’m really inspired by my colleague Michelle Nightingale who posted recently on this topic but from a slightly different perspective.   Inspired and reminded of how important it is to do our work on a bigger scale!  It’s what I stand for!  Becoming visible means helping more people!

A bigger scale means taking your business online and reaching a wider audience.  Not only so they can benefit from your message, your teaching, your coaching or healing. But because you can save lives! (yes that’s where Michelle really got me!)

Sounds dramatic right!?  Well it’s true.  If you’re in some kind of wellness or healing profession or even as a coach, there are people searching the internet right now, who are desperate for your help.  Seriously think about it.

Think about where you first look, when you’re dealing with a serious health or emotional issue!   The web!


Are you ready to kick some proverbial butt, no more excuses, about growing your reach. And enough of the voice inside your head, saying ‘who will listen to me’, ‘I’m not sure what value I provide’, ‘who am I to lead a community’ – I say ‘who are you not to!?’

Aren’t you sick of that little voice telling you a bunch of c@#p?  I am.  (can you tell!?)  Let’s at least kick that little voice’s butt!

If you connect to Spirit, to that inner intuition and ask those questions, I’m pretty sure of the answers it will give you.  Not that I’m omnipotent, but because it all comes from love and a place of service and humility.

I believe it’s your duty to put yourself out there, build your community online (as well as locally and in-person), share your expertise, and reach more people to share your gifts and talents.  No omnipotent being would want you to hide that under a bushel, if you were capable of sharing it and making a difference to even one life.

It’s time to step into the spotlight, and become that leader, and build that community of people hungry to hear you wisdom.    Yes sometimes that can feel scary, and really uncomfortable.  But only at first.  I promise it gets easier.  And it’s so worth it!

Are you ready?  Take a stand.   Share your comments below! I’d love to hear what you think!

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