Taking Good Care Of Yourself as a Business Owner

by Louise Crooks

I’ve noticed over the years how important it is to support yourself around your health as a business owner. I saw an awesome quote on Facebook today which said ‘There is no wealth, without your health’. This is especially poignant for me dealing with chronic migraine, and being seemingly susceptible to every germ out there at the moment.

No matter how successful you are, without taking good care of yourself to enjoy it, it can be rather pointless. For you A-type personalities… letting go of perfection, and paring down is a better way to stay in flow and having the space to nurture yourself. For you ADD types – doing everything under the sun with no sense of direction or strategy, and multi-tasking – is a recipe for burn out and overwhelm.

Wherever you fit, make sure you’re taking steps to take GOOD CARE of yourself.
What does that look like to you?

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