The Force of Human Nature ~ Personality Traits

by Louise Crooks

Hi Everyone!

This is going to be a great show on Monday (for those not in the know, I am referring my radio show KeystoClarity Radio on BlogTalkRadio!). Remember Monday 7pm EST! Schedule it in!

We’re going to explore The Force of Human Nature with the illustrious Dr Jeanine Austin – celebrity coach to women finding their ultimate purpose, a life full of meaning, connection, humor and compassion – is seriously qualified to be speaking on these topics! With a Masters in Clinical Social Work, and a Doctorate in Life Coaching – Dr Jeanine will delve into the human power of personality & programming through 2 modalities – Spiral Dynamics, and the Enneagram.

I am excited about this conversation, as we’ll get a chance to delve into the human psyche, and find out more about the drivers or traits that make up our personality and contribute to the way we relate to the world! This is especially relevant as a coach, business owner, health and wellness professional – anyone in service to others, to know more about ourselves and our clients. We get to have more impact on our clients, through our own self awareness and knowledge! And we have the opportunity to talk about how programming from childhood and personality traits make up the whole, and how we can alter that if we want to! I am sure Dr Jeanine will have some great insights on the subject!

Here are a few video clips Dr Jeanine has made to get you piqued on this topic before Monday!

Enneagram 101 with Dr. Jeanine

Dr Jeanine Coach for Women Worldwide | MySpace Video

Enjoy! And join us for this great conversation The Force of Human Nature on Monday! at 7pm EST.

Don’t forget you can click on the KtC Radio link to listen at the appointed time to listen LIVE!  We will be taking questions, and I always encourage participation in the chatroom to discuss the topic at hand!    And if you would like to explore, you may click on the link NOW! to explore past show recordings – some great info for the budding soul-o-preneur! (and the recordings won’t be there forever, as I am contemplating moving them!)

In the pursuit of knowledge!

Coach Louise

PS You can also find out more about our wonderful Dr Jeanine Austin at Simpy Divine Solutions

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