Two Tips to Help You Get Started Again in September

by Louise Crooks

While we continue to build our businesses, even during the summer, we want to make sure we’re creating time to have fun, relax and create inner peace. It’s really important so that now as September is here, you’re ready to jump in with both feet and feel refreshed and powered up. If you don’t take time out, it’s becomes a recipe for burnout.

When things are slower, it’s the perfect time to be really proactive about this. Mary Allen (in video series above) will have lots to share but in the meanwhile here are two tips for you to help you get started.

  • Schedule in time, to focus on self care, fun and relaxation. Actually block out the time in your calendar, so you know that time will be dedicated to doing it. This is key. If we don’t proactively carve out time, it falls by the way side.
  • Think about the things you’d like to do to help you relax, have fun and rejuvenate? Make a list of at least 3 things. When you’re intentional it’s much easier to step into doing those activities, because they’re front and center in your mind.

frogThat’s it! Just get started. :-) I’ll be making space to connect with friends during the week, which feeds my soul, and helps me focus on something other than my business. I fricking LOVE what I do, but it’s healthy to focus on things outside of your business to create that balance, and create inner peace.

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