Visibility Tip: ‘Less is More’

by Louise Crooks

I want to share a very powerful statement with you…

**********************************Less is More**********************************

You might be familiar with it! It originates from the famous architect Mies van der Rohe. He truly believed you could be more impactful by giving less, to create more. His architecture is a fine testament to the simplicity this focus brings.

It applies to many things we do – to keep ourselves sane! And to make more of an impact on the people we serve. Interestingly the most impactful messages and products are the ones with an uncanny simplicity. When we overcomplicate things – our messaging in our emails, too long a video (2 to 3 minutes is best), long articles, giving way to much information in a presentation or teleclass (we want our audience to walk away with only 1 or 2 key points because that is generally all they will retain) – we actually detract from the actual message we want folks to leave with, AND the learning or action-taking capability of our potential client. We leave them overwhelmed or checked out, and ourselves depleted and disappointed.

So what a relief!! When you’re communicating with your community or email list, in whatever form, keep the message simple! It also means you don’t have to work so hard!!

I too, am constantly observing what I can do better, so my message gets delivered powerfully.

Keep it simple, with that quote in your mind… ‘less is more’.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this! :)