Impactful Visibility is about Alignment and Strategy

by Louise Crooks

You might be finding, that you’ve been in business for a while, or you’re thinking about expanding your reach online – but for some reason you’re hitting a wall.  You’ve either tried doing a whole load of things and you’re not seeing the results you’re looking for,  or you know what’s available to you – but you haven’t a clue where to start and even be feeling a bit paralyzed.

It’s perfectly ok.  Sometimes we have to get to this place to actually be able to take a step back and realize that there is a different way to do things.  I know it can feel a bit painful being here, but the good news, is that it can only IMPROVE now that you’ve had this insight to stop and look at the bigger picture.

So what do I mean by ‘the bigger picture’?  There 3 areas we want to look at…

That’s the FIRST THING you want to consider – the PURPOSE of creating Visibility.

It means that we get to look at why you’re creating visibility in the first place.

Is it because you want to get new leads which might in turn become clients or fill your group programs?  Is it because you want to build a pipeline of future clients, so you’re not scrambling all the time?   Is it because you’re wanting to create more money?   Is it because you want to build your credibility and be seen as an expertise?

It could in fact be all of those things.  But each step we take, and when we take it will determine what we should be doing, and how to do it.

Let’s use an example here.   Podcasting or blogging, will not only generate leads, or sign ups to your list, but the biggest thing it will give you is a platform to show your expertise and create credibility.   I have had many clients say that they heard me on my radio show, and have listened to many of the episodes, or have spent time reading my blog posts, and THEN made a decision to work with me – before they even have a conversation with me.

Another example is building a list.  Why do we want a list?  Because it’s going to help us communicate with a pipeline of future clients.   What things might we do to build a list?  Promoting a FREE GIFT in exchange for their email and name might be the perfect strategy in this case.

It might be that you want to fill a webinar, or a live event, or get new 1:1 clients.  Each act needs intentionality around it.

The SECOND step you want to look at is – ALIGNMENT – Choosing the STRATEGY that’s a GOOD FIT for YOU.

If you’re anything like me, and I know so many people are – if you don’t feel excited about the strategy you’re considering, chances are nothing will get done. Or there will be a lot of ‘efforting’ involved.

Don’t let outside influences tell you that ‘this is the next hottest thing and you MUST be doing this’ – it’s a trap most of us have fallen into at some time.  So don’t be hard on yourself if you’ve been spinning your wheels because you’ve chosen a strategy and you feel like you’re not getting anywhere.  You are not alone!!

If you have a TEAM behind you – that’s quite different, because they will help you get things done.  But if you don’t and you’re still figuring this stuff out… then you’ll want to pay attention to this.

Pick something that feels inspiring, exciting and a good fit for you.  This means you’re aligned with this strategy.  It resonates at a deeper level.   And chances are you’ll start doing it!

An example might be that you decide you want to use speaking as your strategy.   You feel great in front of people, you get great results, you make an impact, and it feels even EASY – you might even be having FUN.

Caveat:  Sometimes we might feel like we’re stretching ourselves, and so EASY is definitely not the word you’d use.  But if you feel aligned, it will come with practice.  Once you’re in it, you’ll run with it – like you were born to do it.

Another example might be using writing as the method, and blogging as the strategy.  You LOVE writing, and you write well – people respond to what you write.   You can even leverage this strategy further – turning a blog post into a guest blog, or an article, posting the blog post on LinkedIn on the Publishing platform, tweeting about it and posting a post and link to it on FB.   Using what you already have created!!  (Leveraging is another topic altogether so we’ll address this in another post)

Looking at a soul-alignment means taking your mental alignment to a soul/core value alignment.   Where you get to feel GOOD when you’re doing it.   That the way you’re doing it, feels right.

Fall Harmony
You’ll feel misalignment in your body, so check in with yourself when you feel like your strategy is taking you out of integrity.

It will also feel this way, when you’re being influenced from the outside with the way you’re communicating with your audience.  When you’re trying to be someone you are not.

The strategy that fits one person, is not necessarily going to be a fit for you.  You’ll be able to tell by the lack of response you get from your audience and by the intuitive feeling you have about the strategy you’ve taken on.

It’s also important to notice when it’s the TRUTH, or if it’s fear that’s taking you out.  You’ll know.

Thirdly – it’s about STREAMLINING your MARKETING.

When you streamline, you’re just picking a couple of different strategies and doing them really well.  You’re going to master this strategy so you can get the best return for your time and effort.

When we do the ‘throw the spaghetti at the wall’ approach, it’s exhausting for one thing, but actually doesn’t serve us or our clients, because we trying stuff but not doing anything at an optimal level to see the results we want.  We’re just skimming the surface, or dabbling.

You’ll know straight away if you’re doing this – because of the frustration, exhaustion and overwhelm you might be feeling.

It’s time to put that all aside, and SIMPLIFY your Marketing/Visibility Strategies in your business.
It’s time to take a big BREATH (and maybe a sigh of relief!) knowing you don’t need to do so much. It’s also time to get know yourself, and what you align with so those steps become much more inspiring to take.

There are other things to consider in regarding to picking strategies that align and create impact – i.e. your audience (your community/ideal clients you want to attract) – which we’ll cover another time.

If you’re ready to create aligned visibility, that works, and would like support to get that clarity and focus for your business – I’d be delighted to talk to you, and make recommendations for your unique journey.   Apply for your Visibility Breakthrough Conversation with me, here.

Taking a bigger picture view can make all the difference to how you move forward, and we can do that together.

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