Visibility and Self-Love

by Louise Crooks

If you could love yourself fully, no holds barred, flaws and ‘perfections’ all – would you be able to step out into world, lifting the veil so everyone could see you, hear you and follow your message with more ease?

Just imagine that for a moment.  Sink into feeling that for a moment.

Loving yourself.

self love 1





Just the way you are.

And even being a fuller expression of that self.

More of who you are.

Embracing your uniqueness, your quirks, your ‘crazy’.

If you could stretch out into the possibility of the fullness of you, and know that fullness is AMAZING.

And now imagine that those around you will EMBRACE that.

Imagine stepping into the world, and connecting with others from that space.

Our fears get in the way of putting ourselves out there.   And yet the FULLNESS of who we are,  is what our community loves about us.  It’s what attracts them to us.   And I would go as far as to say it’s what cleaves us them to us.

So what about you can you love?   Especially those quirky things.

What do your friends love about you?    Ask them.

What practices can you put in place to love yourself more fully?    Start one.

Start pushing those boundaries and allowing yourself to emerge in front of your audience – whether it’s in person or by email.

Allow yourself to take a stand for what you believe in.

Allow yourself to have an opinon.

Yes, you might need to re-teach yourself to lean into that core of knowing and being.

Your clients and community will love you all the more for it!

Way to stand out and be seen!

This is one part of a bigger conversation I’ll be addressing on the 18th Feb in my new call List-building Secrets Revealed.  I’ll be sharing how we can authentically build a community, and as you can probably tell this is wonderful part of the process of attracting our ideal clients to us successfully and in a way that feels GOOD.

Happy Valentine’s to you!  May you let love into your life!

Post your comments or thoughts below – I love hearing from you.


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