Visibility that WORKS: Connecting the Dots between Massive Visibility with Actual Sign ups and Sales

by Louise Crooks

Many soul-opreneurs get a little (or a lot) obsessed by visibility and list-building.   It’s not surprising.  There are a lot of people out there saying how important it is to be building a massive following and a huge email list.

But there has to be a strategy behind this.

There a few things we want to take into consideration.

What kind of business model are you creating?    One on one clients vs. online sales

What kind of way of working do you enjoy the most?  Content creation (products)  vs. intimate client experience

Who do you serve?  C-suite execs  or Stay at home moms

How do you most like to connect?    Email promotion /value and webinars/videos   or in-person networking and speaking

All these need to be taken into account to figure out what strategy you want to take on to create visibility which then leads to sign ups and sales.

Without these insights as well as the sequence of pieces you need in place to have set up – any amount of visibility just won’t create the results you’re looking for.

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A client very recently – we’ll call her Jane – came to me wanting to create a Big Picture marketing strategy that made sense for her business.    She’d been given the run around and instead had set up only half the things she needed.   She had the website, she had a couple of opt-in gifts, she even had  great engagement on LinkedIn and Twitter – but NONE of it was translating into sign ups or sales.

She so wanted to build her email list and have folks sign up for her consultations to get more clients.

She thought she was going to have to redo a whole lot of stuff!

What we found were some key elements were missing and a few things needed shifting around.

She had the engagement and following on Social Media, but there wasn’t an invitation to take them to her website to sign up for her gift.   Now remember the gift you offer must be in alignment with the conversation /topic you’re discussing.

She also has a lovely website but her web designer had recommended that she move her gifts OFF her home page.   What she needs first and foremost is a gift in full view that folks can see the moment the y land on her website.  Gifts on separate pages come later (another discussion for another time)

She also had these gifts without a proper sequence of emails following them – to culminate in inviting them to take action.   A mistake she was making was that she immediately asked the person who signed up for the gift, to sign up for a consultation with her – in her first email, and that email didn’t have the download in it (it was only on the Thank you page on her website).   It’s really important to have a sequence of a few emails going out over a few days / weeks  that offer value, create trust and build credibility to then get to an offer that makes sense.

Offering a consultation too soon, feels like to big a risk for someone new who doesn’t know you.  So offer them a low cost info product, or offer them a consultation but only after you’ve really built trust and created value.

You can see that there is a whole process starting from the engagement of your ideal clients on your social media / networking platforms right to the right moment of inviting someone to have a conversation with you… with lots of steps in between.   They don’t have to be complicated, but they do need to be there.

Jane now has a bigger picture understanding of how her strategy works  – she has connected the dots between creating awesome visibility and now making it work for her.   I’m so excited for her – I know it’s going to make a MASSIVE difference to her business and her income.

Ask yourself if all the steps you’re taking make sense and lead from one to the other in a simple and clear way – and that it’s creating the results you want!

I’d love to hear your thoughts and find out what’s working and what isn’t.   Comment in the section below!

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