What a week…!

by Louise Crooks
Taking some fresh air!

Taking some fresh air!

I am home!  I have been in Denver for the last week spending time with my husband’s family, and its been wonderful.  I got to connect with my teenage nieces, my sisters-in-law, got to coach 4 family members who invited me to assist them, and felt blessed to be able to do so!  My husband and I were meant to be on a Manifesting Abundance Retreat with The Journey, and unfortunately hubby got very ill when he arrived in Denver, which diverted us from our plans.  We are extremely thankful that he is doing better, and while I am back in NJ he is still in the lap of luxury of his family – lucky boy!  We had a lovely afternoon yesterday hanging out in Boulder, such an awesome college town!  and such funky stuff there!  We also attended my niece Crystal’s highschool graduation and it was unbelieveable to see this beautiful girl we have watched grow up, leaving for college!  I am now back home, back with my kitties, dealing with kitchen renovation (exciting and dusty!),  busy with work, and launching my Group Coaching Program starting 10th June!  I am very excited to see how the next group grows and evolves!  If you would like to know more about that, you can click on the tab ‘GCN Group Coaching’ on my website! www.keystoclarity.com

I will update you on the show on KtC Radio for Monday in tomorrow’s post. Just know that it will be a really interesting one listening to Rob Schultz talking about creating products from… wait and see!

I hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend for those who live in the USA!

Coach Louise x

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