What’s Important For You To Create At This Time?

by Louise Crooks

As the end of year approaches, what is most important for you to do or create at this time?

Once you have that clarity, it makes it much easier to step into. If you just let things ride, things stay the same.

The same is true when planning for the new year. I hope you’re giving this thought, and really making time to get clear on what you’d like to manifest in your business / life next year. (each impact the other!) The Universe can only support you favorably if you’re clear.

Here are tips to help you get started:

1) Decide when you’re going to give this exercise attention – schedule it in.

2) Have a clear calendar of the year in front of you – and put in the days you want off – for holidays and time off.

3) Ask yourself how much income you’d like to create next year and what you’ll need to do to create it. Start plugging it into your calendar.


Ok you’re off to the races. Once you get these basics done, a lot more will start to become clear.

I love this time of year. We get to prepare for what’s coming – with that clean slate. And take care of important things we want to see happen NOW.


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