What’s your Kryptonite?

by Louise Crooks

kryptoniteI got inspired this evening as I was catching up with CSI Miami! One of the investigators described something he had a  serious  aversion to as Kryptonite!

We all have things technically we could call our Kryptonite!  Obstacles that we create that stop us, get in our way, take us off our game when we’re not looking.  These can be hidden beliefs, that might have helped us at one time, but perhaps are now not serving us now.   Or maybe expectations – those make relationships with others and ourselves difficult when we set parameters on outcomes – when we learn to let go of the outcome of our intentions, life becomes a lot easier.   Judgement is also ‘kryptonite’, when we judge ourselves or the people around us –  making them less than, and causes a lot of unhappiness for the person judging, often because they spend a lot of time judging themselves harshly – it is a really stopper in getting moving on the things you want to do as you just end up talking yourself out of everything.  Fear is also a really ‘green monster’ – kryptonite, that stops us in our tracks or dictates how we spend our time, going around the long way, instead of confronting and stepping through the issue.

My Kryptonite was definitely a vow or belief I created because fear! Double whammy!  As a kid I got stage fright badly in front of the whole school at the age of about 8 or 9.  I swore to myself I would never be the focus of attention again.   I have always secretly desired the ability to be able to stand up in front of a room or be a school play where I could sing solo, but no, I always chose the background.  Hey I’m a Leo, and we like to be in the limelight, so you can see the conflict here!   And then I realised in the first couple of years of my business that speaking really was a great opportunity to get the word out to share all the great things that would help many peoples lives!  I agreed to a talk a few months in advance, and just a few days before the talk, my Kryptonite took effect literally!  I felt ill, couldn’t function, couldn’t eat – I was literally terrified.    I wanted to face my fear and get over my fear of being the center of attention, and bit off more than I could chew! Or so I thought.  My friend Karen Cummings, hypnotherapist & reiki practioner, came to my rescue!  I had a wonderful session with her, doing guided imagery and meditation, and hey presto! suddenly I was speaking in front of a room of 20 people, for a whole hour, and loving every minute of it!   This was just one way of dealing with Kryptonite!  Sometimes a fear or belief can be so deep seated that hypnotherapy is a great tool to deal with it.   This was a fear that was very evident, and sometimes it takes time and discussion to discover what our Kryptonite is!  I challenge you to find out!  And guess what! Now I am going to be speaking the biggest group yet! I am honored to be invited to speak at the2009  ICF Conference in Orlando.  So you see it is possible!

So you can tell there are lots of things that can get in our way, if we let them.  That is the key, we have a choice!   We can start to notice when one of these versions of Kryptonite starting cropping up, and decide what to do about it.  This is often a great time to work with a coach, as they can really help get underneathe the issue, and help with changing the patten of behaviour that’s triggered by that particular version of Kryptonite!   I have some wonderful processes that do just that….changing a belief to a new one, or clearing negative mindtalk  and creating a peaceful existence.

Imagine that! Choice, peace, calm, no drama, being able to do whatever you desire without fear.  Its all possible, you just have to want it badly enough!  Take the opportunity to design life and your business the way you truly envision it with any thing or thought holding you back!   It really is possible!

If you are curious, and decide that you want to make a change, perhaps live 2010 differently, then get in touch with me to set up a complimentary coaching consultation.   See the Contact Page!  I really look forward to connecting with you and partnering with you to eliminate the crippling Kryptonite in your life!

Living a full life,

Coach Louise

PS Enjoy this wonderful video my friend Sue Urda created!  Its wonderfully inspiring.

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