Who knew! Steve Jobs ~ A Spiritual Being with an Important Message…

by Louise Crooks

Wow, I was blown away when I watched this powerful video.  I’ve been getting a bit jaded by all the Steve Jobs media going on since he died, but at the same time felt the need to honor the brilliance of the man, who brought so much to us in this technology age. I admit it, our household has become almost completely converted to Apple products – I’m hanging onto my laptop by a thread but will probably move to Mac in the near future. (love my Iphone and Ipad but a bit resistant to moving from a PC!)  He really was a forerunner and innovator who wouldn’t settle for anything less significant than what he wanted the world to see and experience.  I came upon this video on Facebook, and I am truly grateful it found me!

It really surprised me to find that Steve was a wise soul with wisdom and insight that belied his corporate exterior and carried him through his life in a way most unsuspecting.  (whoops there was me in a little judgement there! ;O)

Enjoy his powerful metaphysical messages which were imparted at a time, when he was not aware he would die as soon as he did, and yet shared such incredible insight  and teaching!

So now you’ve heard his powerful messages on trust, intuition, following your heart, never settling, and always live knowing that death is going come as a given!   My mother is a strong example of how living life to the full every day, riding her horse and gardening, when she died very suddenly of a massive heart attack at 61yrs old.  She died with her boots on so to speak, as did Steve.  Steve literally stepped down from Apple weeks before he died. He loved what he did.

What I would like to do is build on Steve’s powerful message.  He landed on his love – great looking technology.  You have found your love whether its coaching, healing or some kind of transformation. What he did really well was realize at the outset that he didn’t know everything he needed to know to run a successful business, and didn’t want to!  He invested in his business to get the information and support and people he needed to get his talents out into the world.  It turned into a company called Apple.  He couldn’t have done it on his own.

I know you’re probably not going to want to create an Apple, but you might want to create a big impact on the world, and live from a place of prosperity that gives you the freedom to do it.  It behooves you to make sure that you create a solid business foundation, and create effective visibility strategies in your practice that will help you find your ideal clients and for you to easily find them!  Your passion and skill isn’t enough. Create the sacred vehicle that will help to put it out into the world and do what you came here to do!

If you’re ready to do this, or have started and are feeling confused or overwhelmed, send me a note to set up a complimentary consultation, and we’ll have a conversation. I really want you to create wild success in your life and affect people’s lives, just like Steve did.  It’s time for you to create your own legacy.

Yes, I know huge call to action here! I know some of you are fearful about truly stepping into your power and owning it.  I’ll support you in managing your mindset so that you’re not stopped, like I once was.

To your inspired success!

Louise x

PS Let me know your thoughts on Steve’s fabulous message and any comment on my cheeky call to action. :) I mean it!

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