Why do you want a successful business/practice?

by Louise Crooks

That might seen as a silly question…. but really what motivates us to get up in the morning to do what we do?  It is not always the money, in fact it often is secondary, even tho’ it is the one thing that allows us to keep doing what we love doing!    So of course we can see how important that aspect is!

Of course it also means that we need to determine what ‘success’ means to us!   Success to me, means that I can work with amazing people to help them create wonderful businesses that can impact people effectively and allow myself and them to live a fun, and easy life, being able to grow and learn at the same time!   Realistically that means you need financial success to be able create that on an ongoing basis!   So think about what you want! and how are you going to create that?

On Monday, I will be interviewing Craig Miller – The Cake Coachwww.thecakecoach.com  who is excellent marketing coach.  Look at the name he uses!  I was immediately attracted to what he offered!   He is going to be sharing why small entrepeneurial businesses fail to get clients and steps need to succeed.  That will include some great tips and tools on how to do that!  This interview is going help you reach your dream!

The interview will take place on my radio show  KtC Radio (link on side of page) on Monday 8th September at 7pm EST.    If you aren’t able to listen live (and phone in to ask questions!)  then listen to the archived podcast afterwards!

Don’t forget to register on www.blogtalkradio.com so you can particate in the chatroom during the live show, and you will also get reminders by email of when the shows will be on.   Please rate the show once you have listened to it, so others will do the same!  Thanks.  Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

The link to the show is www.blogtalkradio.com/KeystoClarity-coach 

See!  I did come up with the goods!   ‘See’ you on Monday!

excitedly growing your business,

Coach Louise Crooks

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