Your Niche is your Love Story

by Louise Crooks

Well that might sound a bit strange to hear, so just hear me out…

If you’re new to the idea of having or identifying a niche to build your business, or if you’re resisting the idea of having one altogether – as a soul driven business owner in the field of healing or transformation – let me share with you an idea, that create a different perspective on this subject!

Now I just want to share with you, that it’s becoming glaringly obvious through the number of programs out there including my own, where the first part of the program is dedicated to knowing your niche – that this is a critical piece to building your conscious business. We can’t all be wrong! 😉 So bear with me here… And of course, how the heck does this have to do with being a ‘love story….

So for you skeptics, dabblers (those of you who think you’ve found your niche, but haven’t REALLY narrowed it down enough) and newbies, I want you to know that your niche is really a ‘love story’.

We all love a love story, don’t we?  Where its full of heart, love, courage, good feelings, happy endings and everyone leaves with a sense of hope, possibility and fulfillment. Where we’re clear on where we’re going and have a sense of what the outcome will be.

Well in essence that’s really what having a niche is all about!

So what is a niche?  It includes your target market ie the kind of people you want to serve and then takes it a step further. It’s the WHO factor – the people you want to help and knowing what you want for them and what you can do for them.

It’s the community of people that you have such a passion for (often based on a past experience or connection you’ve had), that the sense of heart and fulfillment you get from it is inexplicable – a bit like being in love. J  You’re pretty clear on who they are, their qualities and ideals, and the challenges that get in their way.  And you know as in love story that doesn’t work out, often it’s because a partner isn’t aligned in important areas that you feel strongly about!  As in the love story of the perfect niche, all things need to be aligned.

To find YOUR ‘love story’ or to refine it further, here are a few tips and questions for you to consider.

  1. Do I feel really connected or passionate or even incensed about something specific? (again, often based on a past experience, or perhaps a strong value)
  2. Did I overcome an experience or experience something difficult that I feel really excited or compelled to help others get through?
  3. Do I have a gift or talent that I need to share with the world and in particular with those who need it most?
  4. What am I great at, that I love doing and who would benefit from it most?
  5. I’ve identified a group of people I feel I can serve, but can I refine that group even further? (again this is where real alignment comes, and your niche will know it when you start communicating directly to them!)

CAVEAT: Just a heads up – I think this point is important….One of my mentors and colleagues Marcia Wieder once said: ‘don’t teach, train or coach on an issue you’re still bleeding from’  So you might identify something that you know could be a powerful area for you to share and focus on, but make sure you are mostly healed from this experience.  It’s very difficult to serve someone fully when you’re still ‘in’ it.

One of my clients is a perfect example of someone who has fully recovered from the challenges she faced – that being married to a divorced parent – being a step mom and dealing with the powerful challenges that brought to their marriage and the relationship with the step-children.  She is now an amazing stepmom coach and knows exactly what her niche face, their challenges and experiences, and how to mentor /coach them to have fulfilling blended family lives!    Certainly a match made in heaven as far as her niche and her desires are concerned.

Once you get clear on this specific group of people, it’s like finding that special mate – it feels like the glove that just fits so perfectly, or the puzzle pieces that all suddenly glide in to place.  A perfect love story.

You’re also clear on what you want for your niche – you have a clear intention and message that you want to share with this special group of people.  Just like you know how clear you feel, when you and your mate start a life together, and have your whole life mapped together in front of you.

And when you get so clear everything starts to flow, just like it does when you’re in love.  The universe responds in kind, and so beautifully when you’re clear. You’ll be amazed at how your business starts to flow and flourish.

So what’s your love story?

I would love to hear your comments below or on Facebook! And if you would like to use this article in your blog, please make sure to attribute it to:  Louise Crooks, The KeystoClarity! Coach ~ Creating Visibility to Grow your Soul-driven Business