Creating Your Niche

by Louise Crooks

It’s a common challenge for coaches and healing professionals starting out, or for those who have been in business for a while, to not see the success they had hoped for. This challenge often culminates in not knowing how to attract clients and where to find them, and a whole lot of frustration that things aren’t going the way they had envisioned.

Often all it takes to make a gargantuan shift in your business … is to clarify your own NICHE. And an opportunity for a content rich, in-depth training experience that will give you a BIG dose of clarity around your niche!

Creating your Niche – The Pivotal Key to Visibility Success and Many more Clients!

Here are some of the symptoms you might be experiencing:

Confusion – there is often a lack of clarity about where to look or how to find clients.
Frustration – about not being more successful, thinking you should be further ahead than you are.
Beating yourself up – thinking you should know what you need to do and get it done!
Difficulty communicating clearly with potential clients –– trying to communicate with a potential client feels like wading through mud, falling over your words, or recognizing that this person is just not getting it, no matter how hard you try.
Trouble creating emails or newsletters to promote your ideas – finding it hard to know what to say because you’re speaking in generalizations, and not getting much of a reaction from anyone, let alone more clients. (There is a good reason why this happens!)
Lack of strategy with social media – it feels pretty aimless, and not having much impact – great new friends but no new clients.
Lack of clarity – you’re not even clear on what results you’re offering your client. You know your coaching or healing service is amazing, but knowing what you provide to solve their problems is unclear. (When you get clear on this, the path before you suddenly becomes illuminated!)
Poor results – no matter how hard you try, you just find clients coming in dribs and drabs. And sometimes keeping them beyond a few sessions can feel challenging.
Debt – you’re feeling like you’re doing what people say you should but the debt is racking up, and you think you might just have to pack up and go back to a J.O.B. (Heaven forbid!!)
Overwhelm – You’re trying so hard, looking for that magic bullet that will be the shift you need to make an income. Often it becomes the ‘bright, shiny object syndrome’ – almost a form of modern day ADD – where you’re frightened you might miss out on that one thing that will make a difference.
Hoarding – becoming a free teleclass hoarder. Registering for all the free teleclasses out there, hoping they’ll give you the information you need to grow, but not getting it, as most are just tasters of a program to invest in.
Resistance – possibly having heard of creating a niche, but feeling resistant because you just want to serve as many people as you can, and don’t want to feel like you’re excluding anyone. (There is a twist to this!)
Desperation – nothing is working, it all feels too much, you’re not sure what foot to put in front of the other, and you’re not sure what to do next, when it feels like there is sooo much to do!
Lost in the Crowd – knowing you’re one of many in your profession and not knowing how to stand out!


This list could go on… but I’m getting the sense that you already know if any of this resonates with you. You can see what’s going on for you. You already have an insight into the blocks and craziness these feelings are creating for you, and the results they are having in your business.

I know. I’ve been there! Bought the T-shirt!

So are you ready for a big dose of CLARITY!?



To create some ease in your life – just to know that this actually doesn’t have to be soooo difficult?
To not be the ‘best kept secret’ anymore? (bet you’re tired of that little phrase!)
To be open minded and start doing things a little differently?
To serve people you’re passionate about and not feel like you’re compromising or missing out?
For MORE INCOME and less struggle? (yes, sleeping at night knowing you can pay those bills, or even take a vacation!).
To own your value and become MORE VISIBLE? Yep, knowing exactly how and where to find your clients!
To make more of a difference?

I know you are. I can feel it. This is powerful stuff, so powerful that I felt compelled to do a special training so you get what you need to move beyond this big block, and create some flow in your business.

And often all it takes to make a gargantuan shift in your business….

…Is to clarify your own NICHE.

When they land on their niche, a common phrase I hear from my clients, is ‘I feel like I’ve come home’ or ‘all the puzzle pieces suddenly fit together’. Music to my ears. Your potential clients will know without a doubt that they want to work with you. They’ll have real certainty about the results they can expect. Your energy will be aligned. You’ll be speaking the same language! And you’ll be able to create clear and focused strategies to reach out to them with ease.

This audio training is an in-depth, content rich experience on clarifying YOUR niche. No tasting here. It’s an in depth workshop answering questions and coaching coaches and healers get clear on their niche, as well as a boatload of powerful information you can apply to your own business straight away.  This information is so valuable and could make a HUGE difference in your business. As Visa says – it’s ‘priceless’.

And you’ll also get my special customized Clarifying Your Niche Exercise PDF download, which guides you to really get to the heart of the ins and outs of your ideal clients.  It will help you reveal the challenges they specifically face, not just at a surface level but deeper so you’re able to communicate and message with clarity and really ENGAGE them.  It will also become the document you keep returning to (I like to call it your GOLDEN RESOURCE Doc) for ideas on products, articles, email promos, programs, even your website copy!


I’m making uncommonly easy for you
to say a BIG yes to this opportunity and to your phenomenal business growth

And I’m not sure when I’ll make this offer again. I just feel very inspired to provide this to my fabulous community – that’s YOU, doing amazing and transformational work – NOW.

Remember! ‘Priceless’ in regard to your business growth and the difference you can make – to your own life AND to your potential clients.

To your shining and inspired success,

Louise x



Julie Pierce“Working with Louise is a dream”

“Being clear on my niche means I know who my ideal client is. I know who I am reaching out to. I am clear about what my message needs to be and how to serve my ideal client most appropriately. This clarity and knowledge is freeing and it propels me forward with inspired action.

Having this clarity is creating a focus for each of my visibility strategies and informing each of my business decisions. The actions I am taking based on the clarity of my niche will naturally produce the success I am after on a shorter learning curve because I know who I’m focusing on and where to find them. Also, when I talk or write about or create messaging for my ideal clients and the services I offer, I feel confident and clear about what I want to say and offer.

Working with Louise is a dream. Her pointed (yet gentle) way of asking questions to lead to crystallized points of clarity is just what the doctor ordered.”

Julie Pierce of www.wholevisioncoaching
Coach to High Powered Women on the Journey to Creating a Family in the Untraditional Way


Suzanne Jobling“It was a relief to have Louise help me get clear…”

“Being clear about my niche puts a framework around my practice. It allows me to attract the clients I want to coach and validates that I am a valuable resource in their lives.

Now that I have identified my niche I am more focused and able to design my marketing to support that niche. I’m excited about connecting and coaching my niche clients. It was a relief to have Louise help me get clear, I feel more grounded and supported.”

Suzanne Jobling of
Coach to Executive Women Who Have Lost Their Way, Wanting to Lead Authentic Lives


Rose Muenker“Louise’s masterful process helped me take the courageous steps…”

“Even though I understood the benefits of identifying my niche, I resisted doing it for a long time. Louise’s masterful process helped me take the courageous steps of saying “Yes!” to my core expertise—writing–and of fine-tuning who my ideal clients truly are.

I’m delighted by the feeling of lightness this has given me! And I’m eager to see all that happens when I fully align my services with my core talents and passion!”

Rose Muenker of
Writing Coach for Those with An Important Message


Nini Rezai“Louise is extremely intuitive and can sense what’s needed…”

“Louise helped me get really clear on my niche. This clarity gave me so much freedom because prior to this, I was feeling restless, thinking that I should be approachable to everyone and should be able to coach anyone. I had been confused and unfocused.

Now that I’m clear – I’ll be creating group coaching and workshops for women in the context of my niche. It has become much easier to have an action plan. Louise is extremely intuitive and can sense what’s needed, creating clarity and a sense of peace as to where I’m headed next.”

Nini Rezai of
Coach to Women Recovering from Divorce, Wanting to Experience Joy, Peace and Love Again