Jeanine Austin, CA, USA


‘I hired Louise at a time when I my coaching practice was stagnant despite the ridiculous number of hours I was working each week.  As a result, I was emotionally and financially frightened because the revenue just wasn’t there.  While I had clients, I was bringing in very little money for several consecutive months.  I was barely paying my business and personal bills, and I certainly wasn’t able to save anything.  This situation was completely unacceptable to me.  Very quickly Louise showed me that my lack of clarity around my business focus was at the root of much of my client attraction problem.  Within a few weeks I gained the clarity I needed and revised my website to align with the focus I finally understood.  Clarifying my business focus and identifying all of the different forms of value I bring to every client relationship positioned me to turn the corner.  After just three months of working with Louise I significantly increased my fees and signed up eight new ideal clients!   That is real success.’

Sylvia Hepler, Harrisburg, PA


Louise is a very caring and empathetic coach who has keen sense of awareness of one’s needs. Her words empowered me to change the way I think and it has become a great asset for me. I recommend Louise to anyone who wishes to become someone rather than anyone.

Keiko Yagi, Vancouver Canada.


‘The last year has been a whirlwind of ups and downs…in all ..mostly ups. Louise has helped me sse the good in most all of these times. Always with heartfelt insight and loving advice she has helped me through the fog…so to speak. We have become very close and I’ll often look back on our visits and draw from her insights and love. I know we will come together in the future and to that I look forward to warmly.’

Chuck Clements, CO, USA


‘What impacted me today, was my understanding of getting clarity, learning how to approach it, and manifesting!”Results = the action you take!’

‘Going through this together is a big help because I get so far off course a lot of the time.’

Kirstin G., CO, USA


As a coach, Louise helped me break down my own personal barriers to success in my career change, significant relationships, and my love of self and the present moment.

N. Shanti, AZ, USA


As a Life Coach, Louise Crooks has helped me to ask many questions that I’ve been too afraid to ask of myself and of others. Louise has been able to pose questions that I’ve been incapable of even conceiving simply because I’ve felt so overwhelmed by my point of view and the weight of my situation. Louise continues to remind me that I owe myself real answers and that I’m a worthy human being. She holds me accountable without adding pressure or guilt; she does not judge me and advises me that it’s best not to judge myself.I believe that a Life Coach walks beside you and bears the lattern until you can see the light at the end of the dark tunnel for yourself. Thank you, Louise, for doing an excellent job and continuing to guide me toward the light.



What I love about Louise is her ability to keep the sessions light and positive no matter how overwhelmed or unclear I was feeling. Because of this, we were able to find clear direction for my next steps and it seemed so easy! I felt that Louise was always present with me during our sessions and she really created the space for us to focus on all areas of ‘me’. After our sessions I felt more motivated and came away with managable, creative steps to move toward my targets.

Thank you so much,
Louise.C.Longul, Vancouver BC Canada


I was matched with Louise by the Peak Potentials team for Successtracs coaching a year ago. They created a perfect Match! Louise is an amazing coach/liistener and truly gives “The Keys to Clarify” what is inhibiting my progress towards my goals. She is so right on with asking the right questions at the right time to allow me to get really clear on what is stopping me from taking specific action. She then assists in transforming the block into an clear path of action with intention using affirmations powerfully. Each call is spent transforming what stops me into opportunities for action that are inspiring to me and create positive results.. I always leave our call with a sense of real breakthrough in whatever I was stopped by and a real clear sense of what steps to take. If I do not see what possibilities there are in front of me, she asks the right questions or puts in the appropriate feedback that allows me to really get clear on what steps to take. As a physician in a physical medicine practice she has assisted me in my desire to practice medicine from a heart centered space being present to the healing potential in all my patients and to assist them in their healing process with compassion and optimal results. I hope to assist my patients in transforming their health concerns as Louise assists me in creating the life I love and financial freedom.With out this coaching I know I would not be where I am today. Results include keeping present to my dreams, taking on business opportunities that I would have passed up and/or not continued with, increased awareness of what stops me from making progress and feeling empowered and not “bad” about my foibles… She is very positive and a great coach!

Thank you Louise for all of your generous listening and support!

Best to you Always,

Dr. M, Chicago, USA


I would like to let you know how Louise has served me over the last year and a half. I had never been in a coaching relationship before I was partnered with Louise. I was very apprehensive about the process from the beginning. The coaching was included as part of another program; it was not something I was pursuing. From the first time we spoke I knew that she was someone special. Her compassion and openness came through on our first call. Over time it became obvious to this skeptic that she was truly living her passion and was just as interested in learning from me as I was from her. It is her passion and compassion that makes her so special and a model for other practitioners in her field.

Will Woolman, WI USA


“Louse is passionately dedicated to the success of those she coaches. She is constantly seeking out new ways to support her clients and is always learning, curious about people, new innovations in Coaching and is a brilliant, determined communicator.”

C.B. Bucks UK


Coaching with Louise Crooks has been extremely valuable in becoming clear on my goals and purpose. I am a person with many goals and aspirations and Louise coaches me on finding clarity. I would recommend any entrepreneur serious about moving past their current plateau to hire Louise today. My return on investment has been huge and I am excited about every session I do with Louise. While working with Louise I’ve started my own radio show and I continue to learn more about myself and my comfort zone with coaching from Louise. When I lay out a plan Louise allows me to define micro steps to achieve my goals. I often feel overwhelmed with a new project and Louise can pinpoint specific steps to be taken. I always feel empowered after a call with Louise.

Lee Rodrigues, SF. USA


“Louise is an outstanding coach. Her knowledge and expertise in areas pertainting to life and wellness are to be commended. She has a style and flair for bring clarity to what’s important to acheiving a successful life. Her work as a visionary helps guide her clients across the bridge from what was to what’s now. In two words…Coaching Excellence.”

Lisa Henderson, TX USA


‘Dear Louise,I am so grateful for our session today! Right afterward I noticed that the sun was out! We have been under a typical weather condition for May and June, along the coast here, called May Gray, or June Gloom, and haven’t seen the sun for about a week. What a perfect punctuation for my feelings after our talk! I am feeling revitalized, energized, and enthused towards my future and also “just for today”.

Thank You!,

Jay Clark, San Diego USA


I have worked with a number of Life Coaches and I believe in them! They give you the tools to move forward in your life and that is exactly what Louise did for me and my business.What an amazing and life changing experience being a client of Louise’s Get Clear Now 90 Day Challenge coaching group. I truly believe that is not what you say, but how you say it. It is not what you do, but how you do it. It is not what you think, but how you think it! Louise has the ability of giving clarity when our minds get so cluttered with internal and external messages. These old patterns and thoughts kept me from moving forward in my life; therefore, manifesting in my business.

She provides a very loving and safe environment within the group and I believe that is the only way a person can really change. In the group setting, we constantly modify our intentions for the 90 day challenge. There is Coaching Session Preparation Sheet that you fill out before every session to help guide you. During one of the coaching sessions, I answered the last question on the form. The question was, “What results do you want from this coaching session?” and this question changed my life! I wrote down, “Surrender your self to whatever is coming!” A week later without realizing that I had written that down, I fell to my knees and surrendered to the universe. My life and business changed that very moment, that very day!!!

Without the environment that Louise creates in her groups, I really believe I still would have been stuck in my old ways of thinking. I believe that changing what we think and how we think is difficult to achieve without guidance and encouragement. Louise’s ability to point out your patterns of behavior and/or language that holds you back is her gift. With her experience and background, there is nothing holding you back but yourself!!! Louise, I am forever grateful for this experience and for you being apart of my life.

With Love Always,
Chris Verdi, Asbury Park NJ, USA


Louise has been my life coach for almost a year now and she has had a wonderfully profound impact on my personal and professional development.My coaching has focused on building clarity around what is important to me and how to manifest it in my life.Louise creates a space of open acceptance and her intuitive, engaging and always supportive style seems to naturally draw out what is laying beneath the surface. She is a guide to your own awareness.I always come away from our sessions having discovered something new about myself, rejuvenated and ready to move forward.

It is clear when you meet Louise that she is a professional who is deeply committed to her work; that she is living her purpose. Louise is a shining example of what is possible in all of us. I would recommend Louise to anyone who wants to discover themselves more fully and create clear strategies for growth.

Clive Crooks, CEO Leaders in Vision, New Jersey, USA


I have been personally coached by Louise Crooks. She is insightful, creative, wise and kind. She has helped view many complex situations from alternative perspectives to come up with effective and creative solutions.

Lisa Kochanik, Owner of Transcendence Spa, NJ, USA


Louise Crooks is a fantastic coach. She is nurturing and encouraging. She asks amazing questions.Since coaching with Louise, I have doubled my income. Also, I have experienced a dramatic improvement in my confidence and fulfillment in life.I am excited to coach with Louise because she helps me focus and she reminds me of the value I provide to others. Her dynamic and holistic coaching style is conducive to providing support in many areas of live and business. It is a pleasure to pay her every month.

Betsy Crouch


Working with Louise Crooks was a valuable and effective step in moving my 22 year-old practice through a plateau. She helped me to step outside of my day-to-day routine and delve in to how I was organizing my time and communicating with my clients. What I liked best about the process was how Louise guided me to set the goals for her coaching. She asked the right questions and then waited for me to formulate responses or additional questions. As we went from session to session I always felt like it was time well spent and I appreciated the subtlety of Louise’s clear guidance. She truly practices client-centered coaching. Thank you Louise.

Jeffrey D. Ball, Red Bank NJ


I came to Louise Crooks because I needed someone who would help me be clear about my goal and vision for my business. I’d been working for several years and felt that everything was pretty stagnant, nothing was moving. I wasn’t even sure if what I was doing had any benefits or results for my clients. Plus, I needed someone to help me be accountable for what I did and said, someone to let me know if what I was doing made sense. Being a solopreneur is very lonely at times. It’s also difficult to turn to people for help when others may not really get what you’re doing.Louise has been a great support and guidance for me and an excellent person to bounce off ideas as to what my next strategies should be. There are so many directions to go and it can be exhausting and overwhelming to figure all this out, especially alone. Louise’s wealth of knowledge and expertise has really helped me to narrow my focus and energies to what really works for MY business. She listens very well and provides great suggestions and insights as to what I need to do. When I’m feeling down, she’s there to pick me up, hold my hand and guide me to the next step. It’s all a work in progress and I’m very grateful for her wisdom and talent in making my dream come true.

Claudette Chenevert, The Stepmom Coach, www.coachingsteps.com


Working with and learning from Louise is a dream. She’s provided me a strong push when I’ve needed it to kept me moving forward, with her keen understanding of the necessary foundational elements and strategies for results. She’s also highly skilled at honing personal growth and expansion — without which you cannot grow into the service provider you want to be. Louise’s authentic expression and naturally nurturing personality are important bonuses for me. I’m so blessed to know her and to benefit from her guidance.
Julie Pierce


Private coaching with Louise Crooks is the best business investment I’ve made in three years. With her gentle, yet firm, guidance I have fine-tuned my coaching niche, created signature coaching packages, grown to recognize my professional value and taken courageous steps to share my writing coaching expertise in bigger ways. Louise is a masterful coach. She is generous, compassionate, knowledgeable and amazingly adept at encouraging her clients to take the next bold step…and the next.

Rose Muenkerm, Writing and Life Coach, www.getgreatresults.com